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Government Shutdown

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Another Year, Another Deadline For Sequestration

Congress faces an October deadline this year to stave off another round of major budget cuts, and Sen. Mark Warner is hoping wiser heads will prevail in the new year.

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As States Assess Shutdown Fallout, Lawmakers Want A Plan

Estimates are trickling in for the economic damage the government shutdown caused the region, and Democratic lawmakers are focused on devising a plan to prevent it happening again.

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D.C.'s Financial Fallout From Government Shutdown Still Unclear

D.C. officials are still assessing the fallout from the partial government shutdown earlier this month, but the exact fiscal tally is still forthcoming.

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Parks And Museums Reopened Thursday, National Zoo On Friday

With the government shutdown in the rearview mirror, most of the D.C.'s biggest tourist attractions from the monuments and museums to the beloved panda cam are back in business.

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D.C. Shelters See Increase In Victims Of Domestic Violence Since Shutdown

Not only have shelters for victims of domestic violence in the District faced budget shortfalls from the government shutdown, but the number of new victims seeking help has increased.

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Shutdown Cost Region Millions In Lost Business And Revenue, Say Leaders

From hotel bookings to sales taxes, local leaders say that the nearly three-week-long government shutdown had an outsized impact on D.C. and its surrounding counties.

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Holmes Norton Defends Head Of National Park Service

House Republicans have criticized the head of the National Park Service for closing open-air monuments during the shutdown, but he had at least one local lawmaker in his corner.

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Video Showing Maryland Rep. Van Hollen Calling Out House Leadership Goes Viral

Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen called out House leadership for an obscure parliamentarian change that Democrats say is keeping the government shutdown.

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Montgomery County To Open Glen Echo Park By Friday

Glen Echo Park has been shuttered since the beginning of the government shutdown, but county officials say they will take on the costs of upkeep in order to have it open again by this weekend.

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Veterans Rally To Call For End To Government Shutdown

Representatives of more than 30 veterans organizations gathered at the World War II memorial Tuesday morning to call for an end to the government shutdown.