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Government Shutdown

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District's Shutdown Gambit Is Paying Off

Mayor Vincent Gray took a gamble in designating all District employees as essential during the government shutdown, and so far it appears to have paid off for the city.

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Maryland Company A Poster Boy For Businesses Affected By Shutdown

President Barack Obama will be visiting Maryland tomorrow to check in with Rockville's M. Luis Construction, one of uncounted businesses that stand to suffer from the budget stalemate.

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Shutdown Leaves Federal Workers With Time, But No Access To Popular Va. Trail

Furloughed federal government workers in Virginia may have free time to enjoy the great fall weather, but the shutdown is keeping them from legally using the popular Mt. Vernon Trail.

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Government Shutdown Reaches As Far As Assateague Island

The government shutdown has been bad news for campers, surfers and others hoping to enjoy Assateague Island before the weather gets too cold.

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D.C. Council Signs Off On Plan To Continue City Services

A move to pay for city workers to stay on the job has been approved by the D.C. Council, after the federal government shutdown threatened to shutter D.C.'s doors.

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What Is Open And What Is Closed During The Government Shutdown?

The federal government is closed, but that doesn't mean that every government service you rely on will be unavailable. Here's what's open and what's closed.

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Federal Workers Bracing For Furlough Pain

Federal employees of all types across the D.C. region are bracing for the possibility of a government shutdown, with all the anxiety and financial hardship that comes with it.

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The Federal Government Shuts Down

Diane and her guests discuss the politics of the government shutdown and budget battles in Washington.

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Lawmakers Work To Avoid Shutdown As Federal Workers Brace Themselves

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they're working to avoid a government shutdown, but if they fail, it's federal workers and those who rely on their services that will be left holding the bag.

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D.C. Lawmakers Consider Defying Congress, Operating During Shutdown

In the past, when the federal government shut down, so did the District. Lawmakers are now considering a bill which would keep the city running in direct opposition to federal law.