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Snacking In Shakespeare's Time: What Theatregoers Ate At The Bard's Plays

There were no dress circle lounges nor mezzanine bars 400 years ago. Back then, audience snacked on cold nibbles and ready-made street food from vendors they passed on their way to the performance.

'British Bake Off' Winner Takes On The Toughest Judge Of All: The Queen

This year the task of coming up with a birthday cake fit for a queen fell to Nadiya Hussain, the winner of the most recent season of the wildly popular TV show The Great British Bake Off.

A New Naked Restaurant Says It Has An 8,000-Person Waiting List To Dine

The pop-up restaurant, to be called The Bunyadi, promises naturally prepared food and natural decor — as well as all-natural patrons. The restaurant opens in June in London.

Cooking With The Bard: We Suss Out Shakespeare's Forgotten Foods

References to obscure foods abound in Shakespeare. Know your codlings from carbonadoes? Your umbles from jumbles? We crack open Renaissance cookbooks to figure out how to feast like the Bard.

After Fires In West, Mushroom Hunters 'Chase The Burn'

From Northern California to Alaska, commercial and amateur foragers are now scouring the hills in search of black morels — prized mushrooms which grow in land ravaged by forest fires.
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What Chesapeake Blue Crab's Higher Numbers Mean For Bay

After several years of below average crab populations, a recent survey shows that the Chesapeake Bay's "beautiful swimmers" have rebounded.


We Eat Tomatoes, Why Not Tornadoes? A New Kids' Book Clears Up The Confusion

Can I Eat That? by food critic Joshua David Stein gets young readers curious about their food. And it's fun for adults, too!

50 Shades Of Shakespeare: How The Bard Used Food As Racy Code

The eggplant and peach emoji are standard code for racy thoughts these days, but food has been used for sexual innuendo for centuries. Shakespeare was a pro. (Happy Shakespeare Week!)

Do We Really Need Probiotics In Our Coffee, Granola And Nut Butter?

It's not just kombucha and yogurt: Probiotics are now showing up in dozens of packaged foods. But what exactly do these designer foods with friendly flora actually offer — besides a high price tag?

In Shakespeare's Plays, Mealtimes Were A Recipe For Drama

It's difficult to name a play in which Shakespeare doesn't cook up a bit of conflict around the table. The juiciest plot twists often happened when characters gathered for a meal.