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Illustrating Diet Advice Is Hard. Here's How USDA Has Tried To Do It

The USDA has been doling out nutrition advice since 1894. As the science changed, so did the government's efforts to visualize its best advice – sometimes, with amusing results to our modern eyes.
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"Growing Tomorrow" - The Future Of Farming With Forrest Pritchard (Rebroadcast)

Kojo chats with Forrest Pritchard, a local farmer and author, about people around the United States who are changing the perception for what it means to farm.


More Hospitals Are Ditching Antibiotics In The Meat They Serve

Hospitals are on the front lines of the battle against antibiotic resistance. Increasingly, they're trying to walk the talk by purchasing meat from animals raised without antibiotics.

Our Favorite Banana May Be Doomed; Can New Varieties Replace It?

The Cavendish banana and other beloved varieties are threatened by a fungus that's spreading around the world. Scientists are trying to find new varieties that will be resistant to the disease.

A Hardier Honeybee That Fights Back By Biting Back

The parasitic varroa mite has been wiping out honeybee colonies globally since the late '80s. Now scientists and beekeepers have teamed up to selectively breed bees with a unique, mite-fighting trait.

Ugly Fruit Is Ripe For A Close-Up, As 'Shark Tank' Takes On Food Waste

A Maryland-based start-up is selling imperfect and surplus fruits and vegetables via subscription. It's co-founder will try to persuade investors food waste is good business tonight on ABC.


Campbell Soup Switches Sides In The GMO Labeling Fight

The Campbell Soup Co. has announced that it now supports a federal law requiring labeling of genetically modified ingredients. It's the first major food company to endorse such a law.

Uncle Sam Just Told Us To Drink Water, Not Soda. You Might've Missed It

Scientists had asked the USDA to add a water symbol to MyPlate when it updated the Dietary Guidelines. It didn't happen. Instead, there's language to opt for H20 instead of soda — if you can find it.

French Restaurants Now Required To Offer Doggy Bags

The French have long pooh-poohed doggy bags. As of Jan. 1, a new law in France requires restaurants serving more than 150 meals a day to reduce food waste. Doggy bags are showing up on French tables.

We Eat Too Much Sodium Because Companies Keep Dumping It In Our Food

A study finds that nearly all Americans — regardless of age, race or gender — consume more sodium than recommended. The CDC says food companies need to work harder to cut it in their products.