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Jack Daniel's Heralds A Slave's Role In Its Origin Story

Jack Daniel learned how to make whiskey from a preacher. That's how the story goes. But a new figure is gaining prominence in the brand's corporate history.

Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Never Have To Eat Alone

Natalie Hampton knows what it's like to have no one to sit with during school lunch. So she's created Sit With Us, an app that helps kids find friendly harbors in the crowd.

Skipping Meals, Joining Gangs: How Teens Cope With Food Insecurity

Many kids rely on school for food their families can't afford. Two reports suggest one group is falling through the cracks: teens. Dogged by hunger, teens may try a wide range of strategies to get by.

Sugar Shocked? The Rest Of Food Industry Pays For Lots Of Research, Too

A recent study revealed the sugar industry's efforts 50 years ago to shape medical opinion on how sugar affects health. But today, scores of companies continue to fund food and nutrition studies.
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How Ice Cream Creates Community And Builds Local Culture

Ice cream is delicious, but ice cream shops can also serve as catalysts for creating community and culture in local neighborhoods.


'The Gefilte Manifesto': A Loved, And Loathed, Jewish Staple Gets Updated

Gefilte fish was a staple of old world Jewish cuisine. But many Americans can barely look at the stuff. Now two chefs in Brooklyn want to reboot gefilte fish and other classic Jewish foods.

Sugar Industry Manipulated Research About Health Effects, Study Finds

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine describes efforts by the sugar industry to manipulate research about the health effects of sugar back in the 1960s. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Cristin Kearns of the University of California, San Francisco, about the study.

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat

Documents show that in the '60s, the sugar industry funded Harvard researchers who, examining risk factors of heart disease, dismissed concerns about sugar and doubled down on the dangers of fat.

Don't Call It 'The New Ramen': Why Pho Is Central To Vietnamese Identity

Pho has a rich role in Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American, and now, American culture. Which is why a video featuring a white chef explaining how to eat pho as the next trendy food angered so many.


London Borough Raises Pints — And Legal Protections — To U.K.'s Fading Pubs

Thousands of British pubs have closed in recent years. One London borough is trying to protect its pubs by requiring government approval if owners want to sell them for a different use.