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In 'Heirloom Harvest,' Old-School Portraits Of Vegetable Treasures

A leading expert of the daguerreotype started photographing a gardener's collection of heirloom vegetables 15 years ago. They've published a book to honor the unusual varieties in the collection.

Chipotle Faces A Criminal Investigation Into Its Handling Of A Norovirus Outbreak

More than 200 employees and customers were sickened last August at a restaurant in California. A grand jury subpoena requires Chipotle to produce a range of documents in connection with the outbreak.

You've Got Dung! Amazon Is Delivering Cow Pies In India

Cows are holy in the Hindu religion, and so is their dung. That's why Amazon in India is selling cow dung cakes to city dwellers.
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Fig & Olive, Food Safety And Risks Of "Fresh" Food

We learn more about a salmonella outbreak that temporarily shuttered D.C's high-end Fig & Olive restaurant, and find out how off-site food commissaries contribute to food safety, quality -- and to expectations of what goes on our plates.


Best Diets 2016: From Fastest Weight Loss To Conquering Cravings

U.S. News & World Report's annual diet rankings give top marks to a meal-replacement plan to shed pounds fast. There's also a low-carb diet to stave off cravings; its virtues are sung in a new book.

After Chipotle Outbreaks, Will 'Food With Integrity' Still Resonate?

Chipotle's rise was fueled in part by its image as a healthy, ethical choice. After foodborne illnesses sickened hundreds, analysts say it won't be easy for the chain to win back customers' trust.

World's Largest Meatpacking Firm Wants To Test Out Robot Butchers

Cutting meat is hard, hazardous work, and it still takes thousands of workers to run a modern beef plant. But protein powerhouse JBS is looking for ways to automate the art of butchery.

Food Culture Gives Rise To New 'Eatymology'

From brogurt to gastrosexual, humorist and food writer Josh Friedland has collected many of the new words born of our current foodie culture in a new food dictionary, Eatymology.

Why Tortillas May Hold The Key To Healthier Babies

In the U.S., pastas and breads come with a dose of folic acid, a B vitamin that prevents severe neural tube birth defects. But it's not allowed in corn masa, a staple for Hispanic women.

Vegetables Likely To Take More Of Your Plate In 2016

Will we still be eating kale? What's changing in food as we begin 2016, and what can we expect?