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It's Time To Get Serious About Reducing Food Waste, Feds Say

The amount Americans throw away annually would fill a 100-story building 44 times, says Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The USDA and the EPA have issued a challenge to cut that in half by 2030.
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Enlisting Academics In The Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods

All sides in the debate over genetically modified foods point to academic research supporting their claims - but a recent New York Times report explored just how complicated the relationships between academia and the debate truly are.


Subway Sandwich Chain Co-Founder Fred DeLuca Dies At 67

Just weeks after celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise, Fred DeLuca has died. In 2013, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Pushing To Attract Millennials, Taco Bell Will Offer Beer And Wine

Later this month, Taco Bell will open two "Cantinas" in San Francisco and Chicago that will serve booze and shareable tapas.

Go Ahead, Give Your Toddler A Kitchen Knife

Allowing a young child to use a knife in the kitchen may sound like a recipe for disaster. Yet researchers and educators say it can help foster independence and curiosity toward food.


Before Green Tea Was A Superfood, It Was Feared As a Supertoxin

These days, green tea has its health halo pretty firmly affixed. But in Victorian England, adulteration was rampant, and the drink was seen as a "stomach-churning, nerve-jangling threat to health."

In Divided Nicaragua, National Dish Brings Rich And Poor Together

Nicaragua's civil war and dictatorship exacerbated social problems and economic disparity. But the richest and the poorest eat vigorón, a hearty dish of yucca and pork, side by side.

Paleo People Were Making Flour 32,000 Years Ago

Research into an ancient stone found in a cave in Italy shows Paleolithic hunter-gatherers were grinding oats and other grains for flour. It's the earliest evidence yet of food processing in Europe.

Mediterranean Diet With Extra Olive Oil May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

A study finds that women who ate a Mediterranean diet plus four tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil per day had a significantly lower risk of breast cancer compared with women on a low-fat diet.

The Jewish Fruitcake: Honey Cake Is A Sweet And Stodgy Tradition

In symbolic hope for a sweet new year, many Jews will mark the start of Rosh Hashanah with honey cake. The cake is sentimental, but not always beloved. Here, a delectable update to the ancient recipe.