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How Suffragists Used Cookbooks As A Recipe For Subversion

Women seeking the right to vote published the cookbooks both to raise funds for their cause — and as a strategic rebuttal to those who painted them as neglectful mothers and kitchen-hating harridans.

CDC Investigating As E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Chipotle Sickens 39

Thirty-nine people have been sickened with the same strain of E. coli in Washington and Oregon. Fourteen have been hospitalized. Most reported eating at several Chipotle locations before falling ill.

Behind Bars, Cheap Ramen Is As Good As Gold

Instant noodles are a staple for inmates: a basis of recipe hacks, a form of currency. They've even helped defuse a prison riot, as an ex-inmate details in Prison Ramen, a book of stories and recipes.

In The 'Cradle Of Cacao,' Chocolate Brigades Fight For A Bigger Harvest

Ecuador's chocolate is famous, and a sweet spot in an otherwise souring economy. The government is paying a small army of pruners to trim back 120,000 acres of Amazonian cacao farms to boost yields.
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"Growing Tomorrow" - The Future Of Farming With Forrest Pritchard

Kojo chats with Forrest Pritchard, a local farmer and author, about people around the United States who are changing the perception for what it means to farm.


Amid Security Threats, Tunis' Only Kosher Restaurant Shutters

NPR first visited Jacob LaLoush's restaurant, a vestige of Tunisia's ancient and once-thriving Jewish community, in 2012. But the country has become more restive in the years since the Arab Spring.

In Peru, Folk Remedies Like Frog Smoothies Are Comfort Food

Peru's capital, Lima, has a witches market that boasts a smorgasbord of charms and salves that hawkers promise will cure any ailment.

Why Chipotle's Hard Line On Swine Antibiotics Is Now Blurry

Some Chipotle restaurants now sell pork from pigs that received antibiotics to treat illness. It's a move that acknowledges the drugs can be used responsibly on farms.

The History Of American White Bread Is Anything But Bland

From a scapegoat for the "sapping" of the "white race," to a symbol of modern engineering, to a target of the counterculture movement: White bread's been a social lightning rod time and again.

Shop That Only Sells Caffeine-Free Coffee Opens In NYC

The pop-up shop in Manhattan promotes "the art of coffee without the caffeine," the Washington Post reports. The New York Eater calls it, "the first sign of the cultural apocalypse.