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California Farmers Gulp Most Of State's Water, But Say They've Cut Back

Farms in California use as much as four times the water consumed by cities and towns. Now farmers are on defense after the governor decided to mostly exempt them from new, sweeping water cutbacks.

Hold The Mammal: Daring To Make Dairy-Free Cheese From Nuts

A new generation of cheese-makers is culturing the milk of nuts like almond and cashew with bacteria. The idea is to give the cheese more umami taste than what many other vegan products have.


Busy Chef Strives For Balanced Mix Of Home Life, Culinary Ambitions

Restaurant owner and Top Chef finalist Bryan Voltaggio tries to find the right recipe for blending work, family duties and the pressures of being on the road.

Sandwich Monday: Pizza-Flavored Energy Paste

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try a new food for athletes: liquid pizza. It's Clif Bar's "energy food" made with tomatoes, carrots, quinoa, sunflower seed butter and sugar.

Does Your Food Have A Bad Case Of The Blahs? Put An Egg On It!

If you're wondering what to do with all those eggs left over from Easter, we're here to help. Inspired by Portlandia and Beyonce, we'll show you ways you can put an egg on it.

Farmers, Trade Association Debate Merits Of Organic Marketing Fund

The fast-growing organic sector has no succinct motto like "Got milk?" A trade group wants growers to help pay for one, but the idea is splitting farmers, processors and marketers into factions.

Drinking With 'Mad Men:' Cocktail Culture And The Myth Of Don Draper

The culture of retro cocktails that the show helped reignite is intriguing, considering how much of Mad Men is actually about excessive — even abusive — drinking.


Why Wal-Mart Is Betting Big On Being Your Local Urban Grocer

Wal-Mart conquered the suburbs, but its future may lie in smaller stores in dense city neighborhoods. And in our grab-and-go times, freshly prepared meals are a big part of its urban strategy.


Straight Out Of Brooklyn: 'Encyclofoodia' Pokes Fun At Foodies

Comics posing as chefs have written a book with sensational recipes and explanations of essential tools like the "spankler." It's designed to "spank the food if it does anything wrong."

You'll Get No Alcoholic Kick From Champagne-Flavored Jelly Beans

Some 16 billion jelly beans are consumed every year in the U.S. alone, and every year new flavors hit the market. But the origins of the popular confection are "lost in the mists of time."