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Customer Outrage Forces Necco To Put Artificial Ingredients Back Into Wafers

The candy company that makes Necco wafers thought its customer base would approve of a switch to natural flavors and colors. But it was wrong. Now the company is going back to its original recipe.

Insect Cuisine Is All The Buzz

San Francisco has a burgeoning entomophagy (bug eating) movement, and its proponents say bugs have a lot of advantages over meat. They're tasty, not that different from shellfish, and better for the environment.

Men Can Be Binge-Eaters, Too

Fasting after eating too much and pushing through an insanely long workout to compensate for overeating are behaviors associated with binge eating. Men are almost as likely as women to develop the disorder, a new study finds.

A DNA Check Reveals Widespread Fish Mislabeling In Massachusetts

The Boston Globe collected fish samples from across the state and learned from scientists that 48 percent were mislabeled. In many cases, cheaper species were substituted for higher-end species in restaurants, seafood markets and grocery stores.