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Haitians Mark The New Year With A Belly Full Of Soup

On New Year's Day some 200 years ago, Haiti gained its independence from France. Each Jan. 1, Haitians commemorate the event by eating soup joumou — a dish their former French rulers considered too good for them. The soup is so beloved that it can land some in the hospital.

Artisanal And Authentic, The Flavors Of The New Year

The word on the 2012 food scene is the opposite of processed, mass produced and factory farmed. Weekend Edition food commentator Bonny Wolf sifts through the tea leaves for clues to what you'll be eating in the year ahead.

For Some Tribes, New Year's Foods Provide A Sacred Link To The Past

Native American tribes in Eastern Oregon recently marked kimtee inmewit, a ceremony that welcomes the sacred new foods of the new year. The tribes see these foods not just as nourishment, but as a connection to ancestors.

The Average American Ate (Literally) A Ton This Year

Coconut water, beets and meatballs may be the latest food trends, but what are most Americans really eating? A lot of cheese, sweets, potatoes and grains.

Try A Champagne Cocktail For A Sparkling New Year

Champagne is the go-to drink for the celebratory moments in our lives. It's also far more versatile than many people think. You can mix it with any number of spirits to create a range of cocktails — like these.

The Perfect Champagne Pour: It's A Science, Not An Art

When it comes to champagne, scientists have found it's best to chill it and tilt it to preserve the fizz.