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DIY Willy Wonka Turns Home Into Chocolate Factory

When Ben Rasmussen started making chocolate as a hobby, he had trouble finding equipment, so he cobbled together his own. Now Potomac Chocolate is a business run out of his utility room, where he makes award-winning, single-origin chocolate bars.

Urban Farming: Don't Count Your Eggs Before They've Hatched

When an urban farmer loses some baby chicks she was going to raise in her backyard, she's reminded that nowadays the consumer rarely has to bear the risks or costs of raising food.

Consumers Have Little Guidance On Energy Drinks

Ever since Red Bull came on to the market in 1997, there's been an explosion in caffeinated energy drinks. Some are marketed as food and others as dietary supplements. But there's little guidance for the consumer on how much caffeine is in them. And beyond the word energy on the label, it's hard to tell exactly what an energy drink is.

Is Adding Fiber To Food Really Good For Your Health?

Fiber-fortified products are all over the supermarket. But are these foods actually making you healthier? This question turns out to be one of those places where scientists know a lot less than you may think they do.

Battling The Bottle: Students And Industry Face Off Over Water

Colleges are pulling bottled water off campuses as students argue the products hurt the environment and aren't well regulated. But the industry fired back this week with a YouTube video it hopes will sway students to keep buying bottles of water.

Wilderness On A Plate: A California Chef On His Foraged Feasts

Few American chefs take foraging wild foods quite as seriously as Daniel Patterson of Coi restaurant in San Francisco. At any given day, he might be cooking with California clams, lichen, coastal spinach, Monterey Cypress, and angelica root in one dish.

How Two Bitter Adversaries Hatched A Plan To Change The Egg Business

The president of the Humane Society of the United States and the president of the United Egg Producers are an unlikely duo to lobby Congress to approve new rules for egg farmers. But they agree on the need for a law that would allow farmers to keep their chickens in more spacious cages.