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Bush Meat: When Conservation And Child Nutrition Collide

Bush meat has been a critical part of the Malagasy diet, warding off anemia and malnutrition. The challenge: Balancing the needs of local people in cases where tasty wildlife is also critically endangered.

Farm-Fresh Food May Have Shaped The Modern Mouth

Easy-to-chew foods like rice and corn may have influenced the evolution of the human jawbone. New research says it may also help account for the fact that children in the United States often need to have braces because their mouths can't accommodate their teeth.
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MoCo Council Looking To Improve School Lunches

School lunches are still a sore point for the Montgomery County council, who would like to see improvements made to the food being fed to children.


For The Origins Of Pie, Look To The Humble Magpie

Magpies and crows are well-known for their habit of collecting odds and ends in their nests. Not so very different, the thinking goes, from the way medieval cooks assembled ingredients for their pies.

What's To Love And Loathe About Chocolate Milk?

Across the country, schools are tossing flavored milk out of lunchrooms as part of an effort to address the childhood obesity epidemic. Meanwhile, endurance athletes are increasingly embracing chocolate milk as a recovery drink. And there's some science to back that trend.