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When Lactose Intolerance Makes You Scream For No Ice Cream

Most adults can't digest milk sugar: it's a recent genetic adaptation most common in Northern Europe. The food industry has come up with enzyme supplements and lactose-free products for those who want to enjoy ice cream without a tummy ache. But not all supplements have what it takes.

'Trade You Snickers For Smarties': The Economics Of Halloween Candy

The decibel level in a room filled with children trading candy rivals that of Wall Street. When the trading peaks, cross-room deals have Milk Duds flying overhead while a Jolly Rancher comes the other way.

Kids And Teens See More Ads For Sugary Drinks

Kids and teens saw double the number of ads for soda in 2010 than they did in 2008, according to a report. The author says the industry's efforts to regulate its advertising to kids haven't worked.

Chefs Say Variety Meats, Or Offal, Aren't Just For Halloween

Variety meats, or offal, were once common on American dinner tables before industrial-style livestock production made other cuts more affordable and available. But now some chefs say they are bringing them back because they're flavorful and more economical.

The 'Ick' Factor: Bugs Can Be Hard To Swallow

Lots of creepy crawly things will appear on doorsteps and fence posts for Halloween, but will they be on your dinner plate? Insects are being proposed as a cheap and environmentally friendly food source. Long accepted around the world, eating bugs is considered, well, gross to many in North America and Europe.