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PETA's New Campaign Gives Veggie Lifestyle An 'XXX' Factor

PETA says nudity is just one tactic it uses to draw attention to its animal-rights causes, including anti-fur campaigns and new efforts to promote a vegetarian lifestyle. It's not necessarily more effective than other types of shocking ads it's created.
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Stores Empty At Prince William Food Pantry

A food pantry in Prince William county will have to temporarily shutter its doors until it can muster enough donations of food and money to continue to serve the community.


Curbing Cooking Smoke That Kills More People Than Malaria

Limited research on the health effects of indoor cookstoves and lack of affordable stoves and fuel has contributed to the problem of people getting sick and dying from indoor exposure to cooking smoke, say NIH Director Francis Collins and others.
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Seeking Healthier Meat For D.C. Diners

D.C.'s food decision-makers met Monday in the first-ever "State of the Plate D.C." meeting, to learn more about how natural methods of meat production could yield serious health benefits for consumers.


A Twitter Push To Keep Chiquita From Splitting Town

Over 300 jobs are at stake if the company leaves its Cincinnati headquarters, so locals are tweeting the CEO. Not to be outdone, residents in Charlotte, N.C., have started their own campaign to lure the company to their city. It's a good-natured battle over a decision usually kept behind closed doors.

Farm Subsidies Birds And Fish Would Choose

In farm communities, there are mixed feelings on conservation payments. Farmer Don Teske, of Wheaton, Kansas, says "the perception is that you're being paid to do nothing." They don't want to be park rangers, they want to farm.

Politics Heating Up Over Labeling Genetically-Modified Foods

Scientists and regulators have concluded time and time again that labeling genetically modified foods is unnecessary because they are no different than other foods. But food policy experts say just label them, already, so people can make their own choices.