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Chefs Roll Out Hearty, Homey Meatballs On The Cheap

What's not to love about a meatball? Restaurateurs are discovering these thrifty orbs as a comforting cure for hard times.

When The Food Isn't All Right On The Night Shift

Working nights is bad for your health. But scientists haven't really looked at whether the poor food available is really to blame. New studies ask whether providing better food to shift workers would be an easy fix for a big public health problem.

Is There Really Such A Thing As Brain Food?

A diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and some vitamins could help improve memory and performance on memory tests, researchers found.

Farmers Markets Flourish In Winter's Snows

Winter veggies from your local farmer may be coming to you or may already be near you, says says the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But even though more farmers are finding a way to maintain the harvest, coaxing vegetables out of the ground when the air is chilly and the wind is brisk is tough work.

Goya Foods Grows With U.S. Hispanic Population

Goya, the nation's largest Hispanic-owned food company is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The privately-held company started out as a single store in Manhattan.

A Checkerboard Cake With Czech Roots

To celebrate the new year, Sasa Woodruff's mom bakes a punch torte, a tradition started in her family back in the former Czechoslovakia. Her mom was born during World War II and food was scarce, but thanks to her family's chickens, the 16 eggs the cake calls for were a luxury they could afford.