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What Is Community Supported Agriculture? The Answer Keeps Changing

As community supported agriculture grows in popularity, some farmers are reinterpreting the idea to reach new consumers. Traditionalists worry that people are being diverted from the values that originally defined the CSA movement.

What Foodies Heard During This Week's Supreme Court Arguments

When the Supreme Court justices talk, they let the food metaphors fly. Food, it turns out, is very handy if you're trying to find easily digestible ways to explain complex legal issues, as the justices proved this week. Here's our quick list of where food showed up in the arguments.
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O'Malley Pushes School Breakfasts To Maryland Principals

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley played host to 60 school principals from the state Wednesday morning to push a program that provides low-cost or free meals to children from low-income families.


Battling 'Red Tide,' Scientists Map Toxic Algae To Prevent Shellfish Poisoning

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are working to prevent outbreaks by tracking when and where red tide in Puget Sound will happen next.

In Defense Of Broccoli

Broccoli has come up several times this week at the Supreme Court during arguments the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Unlike the health care debate, the vegetable doesn't have a single attorney on its side. Melissa talks to Ron Midyett, CEO of Apio Inc., a grower/shipper of broccoli.

Why 'Pink Slime' Isn't That Different From Other Meat Products

Consumers who led the fight against "pink slime" had food safety concerns and objected to the industrialized image of liquefied meat. But meat scientists say lean finely textured beef isn't much different from other products that end up in processed meat, like ham or turkey.

Activists Say Americans Support Labeling Genetically Modified Food

A coalition calling itself Just Label It released the results today of a survey it commissioned from The Mellman Group, a national pollster. The survey found that 91 percent of voters favor the labeling of food with genetically modified ingredients.