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When Food Aid Goes Local, Some Say It Works Better

Food security experts have long debated whether it's better to ship bags of rice and corn from the United States to the hungry overseas, or to buy food close to where it's needed. New research suggests most of the time, it's better to buy food close to where it's needed.

Inhalable Caffeine Maker Gets Warning Letter From FDA

When the inhalable caffeine product, known as AeroShot, hit college campus stores back in January, it caused a buzz, not all of it euphoric. Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned the company that makes it about the labeling and safety of its product.

Reagan's Unsung Legacy: Frozen Food Day

Former President Ronald Reagan would surely be pleased to know that many of his legacies remain vital in 2012, from campaign pledges to lower taxes to ketchup's classification as a vegetable. Reagan is also responsible for a lesser-known contribution to American food culture: National Frozen Food Day.

Happy Birthday! Oreo Cookie Turns 100

The first batch of Oreo cookies was made at the original Nabisco bakery in New York in 1912. The company is releasing limited edition "Birthday Cake" Oreos.

Farmers Face Tough Choice On Ways To Fight New Strains Of Weeds

In large sections of America's farmland, new strains of weeds are making life miserable for farmers. They've developed resistance to the country's No. 1 weedkiller, Roundup. Now farmers face a choice: Do they go for yet another kill-all-the-weeds chemical, or go back to more complicated, labor-intensive ways of fighting weeds?