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Thanksgiving Abroad: How You Feast When Far From Home

How do Americans celebrate this national holiday when overseas? We put the question to our Facebook fans. Among the more than 1,200 responses: Turkey with all the fixings plus pasta in Villasanta, Italy; buying a small turkey for $60 in Katmandu, Nepal; and sharing dumplings with Czech friends in Prague.
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Safety Tips For Deep-Fried Turkeys

For those deep-frying their birds this year, beware: it's a method that's susceptible to fires.


Turkey Joints That Taste Like Candy

Each fall when it turns cold, a candy maker in Rome, N.Y., kicks into production on a confection known as turkey joints. And each year as Christmas approaches, Rachel Ward of WXXI receives a jar of these bone-shaped candies in her shoe from her mother-in-law.
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The Evolution Of The Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkeys like the one pardoned Wednesday by President Obama scarcely resemble the birds that the pilgrims brought with them on their voyage to North America centuries ago.


A Time-Saving Trick For Thanksgiving Cooks

For people who love to cook, peeling garlic can be one of the most annoying kitchen tasks. Well, no more. Guy Raz learns an amazing time-saving trick from Saveur magazine's executive food editor Todd Coleman.