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Watch The Wire: How Your Grill Brush Could Make You Sick

Between May 2009 and November 2010, Rhode Island Hospital admitted six patients to its emergency room after they accidentally ingested small wire bristles from the metal brushes used to clean the grill.

Feds To Decide On Banning BPA From Food And Other Products

In its effort to review the safety of bisphenol A, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has called on a high-powered team of government scientists to help answer several key questions. Their results add some important context to the debate about BPA.
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Country's Oldest Farmers Market Nixes Pre-Dawn Start Time

Alexandria farmers market aficionados will have to get used to some later hours at the Old Town Farmers Market.


Studies Show Why Insecticides Are Bad News For Bees

Two new studies, published in the prestigious journal Science, suggest that one class of insecticides poses a more serious threat to bees than government regulators realized.

What Is Community Supported Agriculture? The Answer Keeps Changing

As community supported agriculture grows in popularity, some farmers are reinterpreting the idea to reach new consumers. Traditionalists worry that people are being diverted from the values that originally defined the CSA movement.