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Cooking Up Change: How Food Helped Fuel The Civil Rights Movement

Food twines its way through the history of the civil rights movement. Sit-ins at lunch counters helped galvanize the movement. Proceeds from bake sales supported bus boycotters; many of the customers were segregationists unaware they were making the movement they opposed stronger with every fancy cake they bought.

Waste Whey? Some Say No Way.

Over the years, dairy producers and food scientists have found a multitude of uses for whey, the byproduct of cheese-making. Now, German scientists have found a way to turn it into plastic.

Sick From The Stick: When Teens Cook Venison Kabobs

Killing and cooking wild deer for a high school class project turned bad when 29 teenagers fell ill with E. coli. Cooking the meat as kabobs may have spread the bugs. And teenage food safety habits didn't help.

Could A Soda Tax Prevent 26,000 Deaths Per Year?

Researchers say a tax on soda could be an effective way of preventing diabetes, strokes and early deaths. But some wonder whether a tax would encourage people to substitute another empty calorie drink, or other types of junk foods that were not taxed, for soda.

Why X-Rayed Food Isn't Radioactive, And Other Puzzles

X-rayed food, radioactive food, irradiated food: They sound alike, and more than a little scary. But they're very different. And we talked to the experts to find out if there's any reason to fear.

Wear 'Em, Chuck 'Em, Float 'Em: 10 Things To Do With Twinkies

When we heard the news about the Hostess bankruptcy and the possible demise of the Twinkie, we got to thinking about just how wonderful Twinkies are. Here are some ways to experience the joy of Twinkies without eating them.