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What's In That Wine Glass May Not Prevent Aging After All

The links between red wine and longevity aren't nearly as strong as they once seemed, according to new research in the journal Nature. In fact, the research calls into question the whole mechanism used to explain wine's power to extend life.

So What Is The Salt?

The Salt is a blog is about what we eat and why we eat it. It's about how food opens doors for discussion all over the world, and how it shapes the world, from culture, to science, to history, to business practices and environmental impacts.

American History, Seen Through A Shot Glass

The United States as we know it was born in a bar, according to a new history of drinking in America. Author Christine Sismondo says most of the major events of the Revolution were plotted in colonial taverns, the start of a grand old American tradition

Irene Aftermath: When It Rains, It Spores

Foragers in the Northeast say they've seen more mushrooms since Hurricane Irene tore through the region than ever before. While there are more than 1,000 varieties, only a couple dozen are edible.
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Howard Co. Inmates Cultivate Produce, Purpose

Inmates in Howard County's correction facilities are finding a welcome distraction and outlet in cultivating gardens.


Tempest In A Lunch Box: Arsenic Traces In Apple Juice

Dr. Oz isn't the only one whose testing has turned up arsenic in apple juice. But his methods have been challenged, and the Food and Drug Administration maintains the drink remains safe to consume.

USDA To Ban 6 More Strains Of E. Coli In Ground Beef

Meat processors warn the move will cause consumers to pay more for meat, but some large companies like Costco already require suppliers to prove their products are free from several strains of E. coli banned by the new rule.

Same Plant, New Month: Cargill Ground Turkey Recall, Take 2

A food safety expert says there are a few possible explanations for a new recall of ground turkey involving the same plant and the same strain of drug resistant bacteria that led to a massive recall in August.
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Md. Alcohol Tax Revenues Miss The Mark

alcohol, maryland alcohol revenue

Figures for the 50 percent increase in Maryland alcohol taxes this July have been released, and initial projections show they're lower than expected.