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For Traditional Cider, Head To The Laundry Room

To celebrate the fall apple season, Freeport, Maine, neighbors Ned Wight and Gino Giumarro decided they wanted to buy a home cider press. But after realizing it would set them back hundreds of dollars, they stumbled onto another, more feasible option: convert a washing machine into an apple press. Five years later, their creation is still churning out cider with the best of the traditional models. Patty Wight sent this audio postcard.

Farm Bill: Direct Payments To Farmers May Dry Up In 2012

While many farmers and politicians acknowledge it's time to end direct payments to farmers, many argue that crop insurance payments are still needed to help them hedge their bets against the next big disaster.

Sesame Street Tackles Child Hunger, One Muppet At A Time

It's no surprise that Sesame Street is tackling a tough issue. It's been doing that from the start in 1969. Just in the last year, the show has featured a story line where a parent loses a job, and another on parent death.

Eating Meals With Men May Mean Eating Less

Both women and men eat less when their dining companions are men, according to new research in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
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Wild Oysters Get Boost From Area Restaurants


The Oyster Recovery Partnership is fighting back against disease and pollution, supplementing wild oyster populations with the help of local restaurants.


Denmark Taxes Butter And Fat, But Will It Work?

Denmark's population is not obese in large numbers, especially when compared to the U.S., Mexico, and the United Kingdom. And disgruntled Danes could just skip over to Sweden to buy butter and oil.

Cheap Marketing Techniques Help Kids Choose More Fruit

Child nutrition researchers at Cornell took away the standard lunch line treatment of fresh fruit at three schools, and put the produce into colorful, good-looking baskets near the cash register. The result? Double the sales.

Today's King Corn Can Thank A Jumping Gene

A jumping gene called "Hopscotch" rejiggered corn's ancestor, teosinte, so instead of bushy branches, the plant started producing one strong central stalk, much like today's modern corn.