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Making Latkes With A Twist

Lynn Neary talks about how to make pear latkes with Jessie Price, food editor for Eating Well magazine.

What A Global Flavor Map Can Tell Us About How We Pair Foods

If you think all American food tastes alike, you may be on to something. A chemical analysis of flavors around the world found that Americans cook with flavors that are chemically similar, like eggs, milk, and vanilla, while East Asians go for chemical contrast. Think shrimp and lemon.

South Dakota Buffalo Farmers Relish Bison Meat Boom

The buffalo industry is exploding as more consumers discover the health and environmental benefits of buying the meat. Bison industry officials want cattle ranchers to switch to buffalo to help fill demand. But it's not an easy sell.

With Hanukkah Microbrews, A Taste of Jewish History

Are Jews really the people of the hops? A historian says beer isn't particularly Jewish. But it is a part of Jewish life, and now several microbreweries are reviving the tradition of Jewish beer with seasonal brews to celebrate Hanukkah.

11 Food Gifts We'd Like To See On The Doorstep

All I want for Christmas is some toffee and navel oranges. Dry-aged steaks wouldn't be bad, either. NPR's science desk denizens share the mail-order foods they'd be happy to see land on the doorstep this week, from traditional to outrageous.