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To Find Out About Food Allergies, First Use The Right Test

Not all tests sold to diagnose food allergies really work. The gold standard is eating a food with a doctor to see if it sparks a response, and taking a careful medical history.

Meat Substitute Market Beefs Up

According to a U.S. product database, 110 meat substitute products were introduced in 2010 and 2011. All those new products are giving people who are looking for tasty alternatives to meat a lot more choice.

Pakistan-India Rivalry Extends To TV Food Fight

Steve Inskeep and David Greene take a look into Foodistan, a new TV show that pits Pakistani and Indian chefs against each other. The first season finishes up this week.

Drunk On Biology For St. Patrick's Day

This drinking song celebrates the biochemistry of getting drunk, the hangover that ensues, and the microorganism behind it all.

Cause Of Foul Pine Nut Taste Befuddles Scientists

Scientists trying to decipher the source of pine nut mouth, a vile taste some people get after eating the nutritious nuts, say they've been stumped in trying to detect a chemical signature for the problem.