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East Coast Pumpkin Shortage Won't Dent The Canned Kind

Canned pumpkin is not just for pies anymore. Pet owners feed it to pudgy doggies to help them lose weight without feeling deprived. A similar principal of bulking up on healthy stuff applies to people diets, too.

Tainted Cantaloupes Claim 18 Lives, Sicken 100

Even now, weeks after the suspect cantaloupes were recalled, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautions that there may be more reports of illness to come. The incubation period for listeriosis varies, but it can take as long as two months for symptoms to develop.

Thin Moms And Dads Pass On 'Skinny Genes'

Like mother, like daughter? Turns out, the "inter-generational transmission of thinness" is real. Parental weight strongly influences slimness in children, a study of 7,000 families finds.

USDA Wants To Limit Potatoes In School Lunches

The Agriculture Department plans to limit potato consumption among schoolchildren to two servings a week. But politicians and farmers in potato-growing states such as Maine say the spud is being unfairly targeted. As it turns out, schoolchildren have strong opinions about potatoes too.
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New D.C. Gardening Program Takes Root


Local schools are starting to reap the benefits of a gardening program introduced as part of the Healthy Schools Act last year.


Oktoberfest Tallies 7.5 Million Liters Of Beer; Lost And Found Office Is Busy

Visitors to this year's Oktoberfest in Munich drank a record 7.5 million liters of beer, or around 1.98 million U.S. gallons. But there were fewer fights — and only one set of dentures was turned in.

For Traditional Cider, Head To The Laundry Room

To celebrate the fall apple season, Freeport, Maine, neighbors Ned Wight and Gino Giumarro decided they wanted to buy a home cider press. But after realizing it would set them back hundreds of dollars, they stumbled onto another, more feasible option: convert a washing machine into an apple press. Five years later, their creation is still churning out cider with the best of the traditional models. Patty Wight sent this audio postcard.

Farm Bill: Direct Payments To Farmers May Dry Up In 2012

While many farmers and politicians acknowledge it's time to end direct payments to farmers, many argue that crop insurance payments are still needed to help them hedge their bets against the next big disaster.