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A Dissolving Fruit Sticker That Claims Soap Superpowers

A young designer has invented a sticker for fresh produce that turns into soap and removes wax, pesticides, and dirt. While food safety experts say the product could help reduce waste, it may not clean produce any better than water.
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Cafeteria Leftovers Now Offered To Food Banks

It seems like a commonsense policy, but it took the intervention of a Virginia congressman to allow schools to donate their leftovers to areas food banks.


Nestle To Investigate Child Labor On Its Cocoa Farms

Nestle, the world' largest food company, has hired an organization that specializes in accountability to investigate and document child labor on the cocoa farms that supply its chocolate in Côte d'Ivoire.

Don't Toss That Turkey: Unilever Says Restaurants Need To Cut Waste

Up to now, food waste hasn't been a big priority for Unilever, though it's one of the central flaws in the global food system. Now, the company is realizing that it's a big concern among diners.

Soybeans May Have Fed Asia Earlier Than Thought

Soybeans have fueled Asian civilizations for centuries, but the origins of the noble bean remains shrouded in the mists of history. Now a Korean archeologist says China may have to share bragging rights as the birthplace of soy.

Healthy Cooking, A Performance Artist's Statement

Performance artist Robert Karimi has made it his mission to fight Type 2 Diabetes by making healthy cooking the basis for his performance art installations. Karimi takes his show on the road to the unlikeliest places to show his audience that healthy cooking can be exotic and fun. Yowei Shaw reports.