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In China, Finding A New Way To Eat In Times Of Plenty

As people get richer, they tend to get fatter. That's what's happening in China, where 25 percent of adults are now obese or overweight. But some Chinese are discovering that it's possible to enjoy times of plenty and still stay slim.

What The World Eats For A Better, Luckier 2012

On New Year's Eve, don't open the front door in Denmark, look out for falling furniture in Italy and chew lightly when eating black-eyed peas in the South of the U.S.

Learning 'Sri Lankan Home Cooking' A Family Affair

A child of Sri Lankan immigrants, music journalist S.H. "Skiz" Fernando, Jr. grew up eating Sri Lankan food. But he didn't master the art of the cuisine until he moved to Sri Lanka and enlisted the help of his aunts. Fernando shares the results in Rice and Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking.

Food Bloggers Take A Bite Out Of Kwanzaa

Thursday marks the fourth day of Kwanzaa, the weeklong celebration of African-American family, culture and life. The holiday also includes feasts that reflect the diversity of the African diaspora. Host Michel Martin speaks with Sanura Weathers, of the blog Kwanzaa Culinarians, about how various food bloggers are making their favorite recipes part of the Kwanzaa tradition.

Chefs Roll Out Hearty, Homey Meatballs On The Cheap

What's not to love about a meatball? Restaurateurs are discovering these thrifty orbs as a comforting cure for hard times.

When The Food Isn't All Right On The Night Shift

Working nights is bad for your health. But scientists haven't really looked at whether the poor food available is really to blame. New studies ask whether providing better food to shift workers would be an easy fix for a big public health problem.