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Cherry Picks: Homemade Pop Tarts In Capitol Hill (Originally Broadcast 3/25/2011)

We head to a Capitol Hill restaurant to whip up a gourmet take on a familiar breakfast food: Pop Tarts.
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Healthy Eating And The Roots Of Childhood Obesity (Originally Broadcast 4/29/2011)

The D.C. Public Schools are revamping their menus to bring more fruit and vegetables onto the cafeteria trays of city students.
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Crossing D.C.'s Food Deserts: Veggie-Powered Mobile Markets (Originally Broadcast 6/10/2011)

A local nonprofit is using a farmer's market on wheels to cross the city's food deserts.
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Insect Invaders: Getting Rid of Stinkbugs (Originally Broadcast 4/08/2011)

Stinkbugs are putting a dent in farmers' profits, and the USDA is now experimenting to see if it can eradicate the species with its natural predator.
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In Search Of Lost Meals: D.C.'s Food History (Originally Broadcast 6/10/2011)

We talk with local foodies about how the Washington food scene has changed over the past 50 years.
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Preserving A Mouthwatering Legacy: Kimchi (Originally Broadcast 7/22/2011)

We head to D.C.'s Korean Cultural Center to learn how to make the preserved delicacy kimchi.
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Feel The Burn: Sampling The World's Hottest Peppers (Originally Broadcast 8/05/2011)

A restaurant in Tyson's Corner, Va. is growing some of the world's hottest peppers -- including the world-renowned Ghost chili.
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This Week On Metro Connection: Culinary Classics

We revisit some of the stories we've done about the diverse and delicious gastronomic scene here in the nation's capital.

A Christmas Pudding In The Mail Carries A Taste Of Home

My mother always made Christmas puddings. Nowadays, my sister and brother-in-law send me one every year from England. They use a mid-Victorian recipe handed down from a Quaker. Unlike other Christmas treats, a well-made, properly sealed Christmas pudding will keep for a year, or more.