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When Smugglers Try To Transport Drugs In Cheese

From nacho cheese to watermelons to macaroni, drug smugglers sometimes turn to food to get their illicit cargo across the U.S. border.

Debating Genetically Modified Salmon

Biotech company AquaBounty has not yet received FDA approval for its fast-growing, genetically-modified salmon. Biotechnologist Alison Van Eenennaam and environmental scientist Anne Kapuscinski discuss the food safety and environmental concerns associated with transgenic fish.

A Cinnamon-Glazed Porridge From Norway

Linda Wertheimer introduces a new dish from the holiday food series: the traditional Norwegian porridge, rommegrot. Listener Christine Bielke relays how her family serves up the cinnamon- and butter-topped dish every holiday season.

Farewell To Argentina's Famed Beef

Over the past decade, Argentina's cattlemen have quietly shifted their cows from grass to grain. Blame soaring world prices for commodities like soybeans, as well as government policies discouraging export. Argentine chefs say the switch to grain-fed beef marks the loss of a cultural icon.

Environmental Claims For Farmed Fish Don't Hold Up To Scrutiny

A study released this week found that many eco-labels for farmed seafood don't guarantee the fish was raised in a way that protects the marine environment.