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Delaware Braces For Punkin Chunkin Championship

Prepared to be floored by a gourd: competitors will let the pumpkins fly in the 2011 Punkin Chunkin Championships in Deleware this weekend.


Do People Pick Super-Sized Portions To Boost Their Social Status?

People opt for bigger food portions when they're feeling powerless, according to new research. And when they're told that tiny portions are prestigious, they go small. That may be one reason why super-sized portions are so alluring, and why waistlines are bulging.
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Capitol Hill Restaurant Bounces Back

tune inn

The Tune Inn Restaurant, a prominent Capitol Hill watering hole, has finally recovered from a fire that forced employees to live off the generosity of their loyal customers for four months.


From Nebraska Lab To McDonald's Tray: The McRib's Strange Journey

There's not a rib to be found inside the McRib sandwich, but that pork patty drenched in barbecue sauce represents one of the greater innovations in meat science of the last century.
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Maryland Dispensary Scrutinized For Illegal Liquor Purchase

Worcester County Officials recently purchased $175,000 of liquor from an Alabama wholesaler, in a move that goes directly against Maryland state law.


Should Farm Kids Be Allowed To Drive A Tractor? Some Say It's Too Dangerous

Traditional family farmers say a Department of Labor proposal threatens the future of agriculture. But child and labor advocates who say the plans are a much-needed update to protect vulnerable young workers.

How Fear Drove World Rice Markets Insane

No one can guarantee that the rice crisis of 2008 won't happen again. A lot of damage remains from the disaster that sent rice prices soaring even while there was plenty of rice. And there's still some of the fear that produced the crisis in the first place.