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States Crack Down On Animal Welfare Activists And Their Undercover Videos

Iowa is poised to join several other states that have passed or are considering what activists call "ag gag" laws. Such legislation criminalizes undercover photography or video inside animal farms.

Hey Locavores, Are You Creating Jobs?

Obama appointees at the U.S. Department of Agriculture say grants and loans supported by its Know Your Farmer initiative are a win-win that create new jobs and more locally produced food. Critics say the program serves the foodie elite and urban locavores at the expense of conventional farmers in rural America.

Truffles Take Root In Appalachian Soil

New techniques and years of patience are helping American farmers produce black Perigord truffles, once a rare European delicacy. Chefs and foodies love the rich, earthy flavors and freshness; growers love the boutique price.

Newfoundland Gives Whole New Meaning To Ice Cold Beer

Spring brings in one very unusual business in northern Canada: iceberg harvesting. Every spring, icebergs break off Greenland and float south. For residents of Newfoundland, on Canada's Atlantic coast, icebergs are a regular seasonal sight, but they still have some special qualities that Newfoundlanders are serving up with a dash of alcohol.

Weird Winter Has Gardeners Itching To Plant, Despite The Risks

Gardeners are wondering whether this very warm winter means planting time's come early, too. Go forth and plant, our expert says. But be prepared for the heartbreak of a late frost.

Chef Trotter Transitions From Kitchen To Classroom

Chef Charlie Trotter helped pioneer American fine dining at a time when French cuisine reigned on the food scene. After 25 years, Trotter will close his namesake restaurant — Charlie Trotter's — in Chicago, Ill., to pursue a Master's in philosophy and political theory.