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Giving Mini Burgers To Mice Reveals The Good And Bad Of Cooking Meat

Cooked meat delivers more energy than raw meat, which may have given our human ancestors a big evolutionary advantage. It may also explain why today's humans have a hard time keeping off the pounds, according to researchers at Harvard University.

From Grille To Grill: When Roadkill Is Good Enough For Dinner

Hunters and scavengers with a taste for game are turning road and train accidents with deer, moose and other animals into a free meal. A food bank in Alaska distributes moose meat collected by train tracks to the needy.
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Cost Of Thanksgiving Dinner On The Rise

A new survey confirms what most already knew -- the cost of putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table has ticked up nearly 10 percent compared to last year.


Mississippi Leads U.S. In Reliance On Food Stamps

The state of Mississippi has the highest percentage of its population — 24 percent — on food stamps of any state in the country. The director of the SNAP program in Mississippi explains why.

Organic Isn't Always Safer When It Comes To Botulism

An outbreak of botulism linked to organic Italian olives makes it clear that even food that sounds pristine can harbor deadly pathogens. Organic foods may be more vulnerable to some pathogens because of the way they are grown. Food processors fight botulism with heat, salt, and acid.

The Red Solo Cup: Every Party's Most Popular Guest

It's not just any party cup; it's the king of the keggers. Born in the '70s, the ubiquitous red Solo cup is the official drinking vessel at barbecues, fairs and college parties across America. It's changed over the years, but it'll never be too old for beer pong.