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Video Pick: Jack-O-Lantern 2.0

Marc and Chris, the founders of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, share tips on how to bring your pumpkin to the next level this Halloween. Their pumpkins, which go for between $150 - $400, rarely end up on stoops. You are more likely to find them in Tiffany's ads and in window displays.

New Varieties Haven't Taken The Nutrition Out Of Broccoli

Some researchers have found that vegetables like broccoli have fewer good-for-you nutrients like calcium and zinc than they used to. But a new study says that genetics — what plant breeders control — probably isn't the major factor determining nutrient levels.

Panel Proposes Nutrition Labels That Reach For The Stars

A report urges the Food and Drug Administration to adopt new food labels that make it easier for consumers to compare the healthfulness of food products. To cut down on confusion, the system would rely on stars, check marks or some other icon to convey a food's nutritional rating.

A Coconut Cake From Emily Dickinson: Reclusive Poet, Passionate Baker

Emily Dickinson discussed baking in many of her letters — evincing both her trademark wit and a zest for life that belies the common image of her as a depressed figure.

The Historic Allure Of A Late Night Oyster

Americans have sought out midnight oysters for centuries, for their convenience, their lightness, and their mischievous reputation. Whatever the appeal, the salty late night snack flaunting flavor over bulk endures.

FDA Probe Points To Cantaloupe Packing Plant As Source Of Listeria

The outbreak of listeria in fresh cantaloupe has been blamed for at least 25 deaths and 123 illnesses in 26 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Casualties have slowed since September, but the outbreak is far from over, officials say.