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A Clothing Company Goes Fishing For Change With Salmon Jerky

Patagonia, maker of expensive ski jackets and fishing vests, will introduce its first snack food product this winter. Their mission? Revolutionize the fishing industry.

Newbie Farmers Find That Dirt Isn't Cheap

Growing vegetables has never, in recent memory, been quite so cool, or so attractive to the young and well-educated. But many aspiring farmers lack hard, cold cash for land and farm equipment, a survey found.

Renoir's Perfect Lunch Is Not About The Food

A curator describes Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party" as a painting of the perfect meal where the food doesn't really matter.

Local Food Is No Small Potatoes: Farmers Rake In Almost $5 Billion

More than half of the $5 billion in local food sales came not from farmers' markets but from restaurants and grocery stores, according to a government report. Those points of sale have attracted bigger farmers who might not bother with direct-to-consumer sales.

A Food Sculptor On Her Passion: 'The Cheese Found Me'

Sarah Kaufmann, in professional circles and beyond, is known as "the Cheese Lady." She's one of three professional cheese sculptors in the U.S., but she's also part of a growing group of artists bringing food art out of state fairs and into the mainstream.