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Fishermen Net Gold In Silvery Eels Sold To Asia

A worldwide shortage has made the U.S. the primary source for the baby eels known as elvers. Last year, fishermen saw prices climb to nearly $1,000 a pound, and this year they doubled.

FDA Launches Voluntary Plan to Reduce Use of Antibiotics In Animals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it will collaborate with the livestock industry to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal feed. But activists say a voluntary approach won't go nearly far enough to protect human health.

Sometimes, Food Additives Are Pretty Innocuous

The uproar over what critics call "pink slime" in some ground beef refocused attention on what's in the food we eat. Most packaged foods contain at least one item you wouldn't recognize. But many food experts caution that just because you don't know an ingredient doesn't mean you shouldn't eat it.

Should 'Pink Slime' Be Labeled?

The federal government says that labeling of the product as an ingredient in ground beef has never been necessary under current food safety and disclosure laws. But some companies are moving ahead to label the product anyway to appease consumers.

Time For A 'Bug Mac'? The Dutch Aim To Make Insects More Palatable

Dutch scientists are trying to make insects a less exotic and cheaper food source. And one Dutch restaurant, Specktakel, is already embracing the trend by featuring a menu buzzing with entomological eats.