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How To Talk Politics At The Dinner Table

Conventional wisdom advises against talking about politics at family gatherings, but that's often unrealistic. With the turbulent race for president and the roiling Occupy protests — not to mention the usual politics of food, football and in-laws — some discussion guidelines can be helpful.

Oyster Ice Cream: A Thanksgiving Tradition Mark Twain Could Get Behind

Oyster ice cream may be more traditional fare than many of the dishes we serve for Thanksgiving, says chef José Andrés. He's showcasing American food history in his collaboration with the National Archives. But modern diners can appreciate this briny treat, too.

Eating Canned Soup Makes BPA Levels Soar

A couple of hours after eating, participants in a Harvard study who consumed canned soup had BPA levels in their urine that were about 12 times higher than the people who didn't. But the health implications of this sort of exposure to the chemical, which can act like the hormone estrogen, are still murky.


When Thanksgiving Means Making Reservations, Not Turkey

For most people, Thanksgiving means dinner at home. But 14 million Americans eat their turkey and stuffing in restaurants. And many of them say they love the chance to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, without having to clean the oven and stuff the bird.
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Walmart Signs D.C. Community Benefits Agreement

Walmart has signed a community benefits agreement with the District, guaranteeing that local businesses and contractors will benefit from the construction of six new stores.