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The (Un)usual Suspect: Why Organic Spices Aren't Always Safe

Salmonella contamination in organic celery seed caused headaches — and an FDA recall — for one entrepreneur. Her tale is a reminder that organic certification doesn't measure food safety; it's only about how a food was grown.

Quiznos Gives Up Control To Stave Off Bankruptcy

Quiznos once boasted 5,000 restaurants, but a slumping economy, higher supply-chain costs and tough competition from Subway have left the sandwich chain in tough straits. After seeing hundreds of its stores close, Quiznos gave up control to one of its biggest creditors to avoid bankruptcy.

Alice Waters: Picture Perfect As The Constant Gardener

A portrait of the Chez Panisse chef was recently unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery. If Waters could have her way, she says kids would grow their own food and cook it for breakfast, lunch and snacks all year round.

Antitrust Official Gets Stampeded By Big Beef

President Obama's appointee for antitrust issues in the meat industry wanted to give cattlemen more clout against big meatpackers. But he's quitting his job on Thursday. His reform efforts ran into fierce opposition from the country's packers and big cattle producers.

USDA To Require Healthier Meals In Schools With Updated Nutrition Standards

Less salt and fat. More whole grains, fruit, veggies and low-fat dairy. This is what kids can expect in the school lunchroom soon, according to new standards for school meals announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and first lady Michelle Obama.

Eaters Worldwide Are Skeptical of Manufacturers' Health Claims

People around the globe know they should be exercising more and eating better. But food manufacturers aren't helping, with dubious health claims and confusing nutrition labels. That's the word from a global survey on nutrition information.