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Nuclear Tuna Is Hot News, But Not Because It's Going To Make You Sick

The amount of radiation found in Pacific bluefin tuna spawned near Fukushima does not threaten our health, despite today's suggestive headlines. What a new study shows is that scientists can rely on tiny amounts of radiation to track animals across great distances.
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Maryland's Homegrown Crabs Are 'True Blue'

Ever wonder where the crab you're eating really came from? Maryland has started a "True Blue" program to certify restaurants that commit to serving the state's tastier fishy fare.


Nuevo Latino: Not Your Grandma's Cooking

Award-winning chef Guillermo Pernot is known for his brand of Nuevo Latino cuisine, which borrows flavors and ingredients from the Spanish, Africans, Chinese, French and Americans, among others. Pernot, whose Cuba Libre restaurant has locations in several cities, talks to NPR's Michel Martin about his passion for cooking, and the evolution of Cuban cuisine.

How Do Your Dinnertime Rules Compare To The Obamas'?

In the Obama household, there are some rules at mealtime. The Obamas eat brown rice instead of white, limit dessert to a few times during the week, and pack lots of vegetables into dinner.

The First Lady Cultivates 'American Grown' Gardening

One of the first things Michelle Obama did as first lady was to dig up part of the beautifully manicured South Lawn of the White House and plant a vegetable garden. In her new book she says America has a long, proud history of gardening and it's time to reconnect with it.