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How "Red Delicious" Conquered America's Apple Economy

The "Red Delicious" apple is the most widely produced in the United States, despite its reputation as one of the least tasty. How did it conquer America's apple market?


Two For One: Subsidies Help Food Stamp Recipients Buy Fresh Food

There a big new pot of government money available for programs that boost the buying power of food stamps. But there's a catch: The cash has to spent on local fruit and vegetables.

In Chicago, A Long Farewell To Famed 'Hot Dougs'

Hundreds of people have been waiting up to eight hours to get one last taste of what they say is the "best hot dog ever," at Hot Doug's in Chicago.

GMOs Are Old Hat. Synthetically Modified Food Is The New Frontier

Scientists hyping synthetic biology say it may one day give us biofuels, drugs and organisms that will solve hefty global problems. But synthetic biology food is already here, and causing controversy.

The Birth And Afterlife Of Israel's Precious Etrog Fruit

An odd, beautiful and persnickety citrus fruit has its big moment during the Jewish fall festival of Sukkot. But then what do you do with it?

VIDEO: Glimpse The History Of Life In A Beer

It took more than a billion years of evolution to yield the biology behind a beer. Here, we bring you a video celebration of the science in a cold one.

Your Fellow Diners' Size May Affect How Much You Eat

In one study, people who ate near a heavier dining companion served themselves lots more food. Researchers say a fellow diner's weight is just one of many subconscious cues influencing what we eat.

California Cracks Down On Farmers Market Cheaters

Did your local farmer really grow that heirloom apple he just sold you? California wants to know, so it's sending more inspectors out to make sure the produce sold at markets really is local.

From Kale To Pale Ale, A Love Of Bitter May Be In Your Genes

Researchers have found a gene that affects how strongly you experience bitter flavors. And those who aren't as sensitive eat about 200 more servings of vegetables per year.

'How To Cook Everything Fast'? Bittman Says Skip The Prep

Rachel Martin talks to food writer Mark Bittman about his new cookbook, "How to Cook Everything Fast," which thumbs its nose at the French tradition of having ingredients prepped before you cook.