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Why Food Companies Should Be More Afraid Of Water Scarcity

An environmental sustainability group assessed how 37 U.S. food companies are responding to escalating water risks. It found most have a long way to go to improve water efficiency and other practices.

Why California Farmers Are Conflicted About Using Less Water

Cities in California have been ordered to cut water use. Farms have not, yet. Inside the industry, there's a quiet debate: Does it makes sense to invest in water-conserving tech now — or later?

No One's Talking About What The Pacific Trade Deal Means For Diets

Trade deals like NAFTA can have vast long-term impacts on diet and health. Experts say they're concerned that the U.S. isn't addressing these implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Drop Those Sprouts — Virginia Company Issues Recall On Listeria Fears

A state lab found contamination during an analysis of sprout samples from a Virginia company, prompting a regionwide recall.

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Harvest Limit On Chesapeake Menhaden Loosened, But Is It Enough?

Harvest limits on menhaden for commercial fishermen are being loosened in the Chesapeake Bay, even as the Coastal Conservation Commission agreed to start considering the impact on wildlife in future harvest limits.


Tempted To Eat Your Baby's Table Scraps? You're Not Alone

Dan Pashman of WNYC's The Sporkful podcast weighs in on the benefits of eating kids' leftovers. "Graham crackers are better after they've been gummed by my younger daughter," he says.

GIs Helped Bring Freedom To Europe, And A Taste For Oregano To America

Now ubiquitous, oregano was a rarity in U.S. cuisine before World War II. But the GIs who encountered it in Sicily fell for the herb, especially in pizza, fueling a boom in Italian-American cuisine.

Taking Mom Out For Brunch? It's A Feminist Tradition

The right to dine out in public alone during the day was an early victory of the women's rights movement of the 1900s. And in post-war America, brunch became an exercise in women's lib for some.


Is Peanut Butter The Best Present For Malnourished Teen Moms-To-Be?

Pregnant teenagers in Malawi may not get enough to eat — with dire consequences for their baby. Peanut butter could help, but the girls need to be convinced not to share it with family members.

Promises, Promises: Is Big Food Marketing Less Junk To Kids On TV?

Back in 2006, food-industry giants pledged to market only "better-for-you" foods to children. A new study concludes they kept to the letter of that pledge, but not the spirit.