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Menu Math: When Counting Fast Food Calories Requires A Calculator

Is that veggie pizza at the local pizza chain 1,680 calories, or 2,960? Fast-food menus with calorie counts that are supposed to help eaters make healthier choices often aren't much help, a new study reports.

In Rice, How Much Arsenic Is Too Much?

People are asking how much arsenic in food is too much, but they're not getting answers. Scientists say they know a lot less about arsenic in food than they do about the toxic element's effects in drinking water.

Why Astronauts Crave Tabasco Sauce

Why do astronauts lose their sense of smell in space, and what's this got to do with their preference for fiery condiments? No one is sure, but NASA food scientists have some plausible ideas.

Raw Milk Movement Takes Hits From Courts, Health Officials

This week, a court backed the federal government's move to block the sale of raw milk across state lines. That followed a report from federal health officials, which found that the majority of dairy-related illness comes from raw milk. But raw milk advocates say sale of the product should still be legal nationwide.