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What The Camembert Rind Does For The Cheese Inside

Scientists say Camembert rind is one of nature's more amazing living materials. Not only does the rind allow the cheese's deep flavor and aroma to mature, but it also defends the cheese against microorganisms that could spoil it.

The Real Holiday Party For Weight Loss Firms? It's Now

The first week of the year means big profits for weight-loss firms. Some companies are looking to expand their customer base by specifically targeting men. Others are teaming up with big employers.

How The Russians Saved America's Sunflower

It's one of the few food crops that actually originated in North America. But the sunflower was just a pretty diversion until Soviet breeders came up with oil-rich varieties that became a staple.

Feds To Rein In Use Of Some Antibiotics On Animals

When livestock producers overuse antibiotics, the drugs can help breed resistant bacteria, or superbugs, that have infected tens of thousands of people. The FDA wants to stop that, but its announcement today only restricts one class of drugs out of the many used on animals.

When 'Budget' Foods Start To Eat Away At The Wallet

The cost of budget-friendly foods like ground beef, potatoes, and eggs soared 10 percent over the past year, pinching household budgets even harder. Blame bad weather, export competition, and the fact that more people are cooking at home to save money. This year may be a bit better, but not much.

Can We Expect An Organic Milk Shortage In 2012?

There's not enough organic milk, especially in states like Florida and Georgia. Inputs — like organic grain and hay for animals — are now dramatically more expensive for farmers. That means organic dairy cows are getting less food and producing less milk.