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Ben's Chili Bowl Closed For Repairs

Ben's Chili Bowl

Famed D.C. insitution Ben's Chili Bowl will be closed this week in order to make emergency repairs to its building.


Back-Porch Beekeepers Take Honey Hyperlocal

One of the spinoffs of the go-green movement has been do-it-yourself beekeeping, and it's beginning to swarm. Weekend Edition food commentator Bonny Wolf has the buzz.

Pumpkins At A Premium, Thanks To Hurricane Irene

Northeast residents who hope to carve jack-o-lanterns this Halloween may have to shop around. Tropical Storm Irene destroyed pumpkin patches in Upstate New York and other areas. Other farms, though, were left with a bumper crop. Marie Cusick visits Black Horse Farms in Athens, N.Y., where pumpkins are selling out fast.

Death Toll Rises To 15 In Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak

Updated figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 84 people in 19 states have been sickened by listeria bacteria from an outbreak linked to cantaloupes.
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Marion Barry's Turkey Giveaway Comes With A Twist

frozen turkey

D.C. Ward 8 councilmember Marion Barry is changing up his annual turkey giveaway to encourage residents to be more community-minded.


Vilsack: Not Done With Potatoes And School Lunch

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says changes to the school nutrition rule are underway, including more clarity on the recommendation to reduce kids' potato and starchy vegetable consumption. He also says rural America needs a 'thank you.'
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Adams Morgan's Mercadito Latino Closing

Woman in apron slicing mango

It looks like Adams Morgan residents will have to say goodbye to Mercadito Latino, the open-air Latino market that operates out of Unity Park on weekends. Vendors there are protesting the move by the city to shut down the market. 

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Spreading Good Nutrition With Specialty Produce

Woody Woodroof in the fields at Red Wiggler farm.

A Montgomery County farmer wants to increase the health and nutrition of people with developmental disabilities, and now he has a new strategy. 


Scent Of Rotten Fruit Signals Sex, At Least For Fruit Flies

The chemicals in rotting fruit excites male fruit flies, even before they catch a whiff of their future mates. After they mate on the fruit and leave the eggs behind, their larvae can hatch into a nutrient-rich world.