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Why Are We More Hungry In The Winter?

When winter arrives, many of us want to eat more. Some experts say it's a vestige of biology: the drive to hoard calories like chipmunks. Others say it's because we have more opportunities to eat — parties, holiday gatherings and other events of the season.

Coquito: A Tropical Twist On The Holiday Classic

As New York prepares for the annual Coquito Masters tasting contest, see what the fuss is about. This version of eggnog includes a delicious addition: a dollop of coconut.

With Alternative Giving, A Nudge Out Of Poverty For The Poor

The idea that giving a family a few goats or chicks can change their lives by helping them earn a living is not new. But now there are more alternative giving groups that cater to American givers than ever.

Marshmallows From Scratch: A Simple, Sticky How-To

In Make the Bread, Buy the Butter, Jennifer Reese tries her recipes for foods that you might never think to make at home. She walks NPR's Melissa Block through make-your-own marshmallows. Turns out, it's not so hard.