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Betting On Food Prices May Sell The Hungry Short

Sunday is World Food Day, an event intended to increase awareness of problems with global hunger. This year, a lot of people don't have enough to eat, but the cause is not the shortage of food, it's the price.

Eating Healthy: Whose Choice Should It Be?

Restaurants are introducing calorie counts on menus and smaller portions to help consumers make healthier choices. But some consumers think that limits choice, and nutrition experts say we need to change the culture, not the menu.

Scientists Seek A Break In Aquaculture's Fish-Eat-Fish Chain

A new report from Food and Water Watch turns up the heat on how we feed farmed fish and the environmental toll it takes. It takes three pounds of wild fish to feed one pound of farmed salmon, so scientists are looking for alternatives.

A Legal Loophole For Raw Milk Lovers: Call It 'Pet Food'

In a handful of states that ban raw dairy sales for human consumption, it seems some aficionados are taking advantage of a legal loophole: They're buying it as food for Fido.

'Better For You' Foods May Be Better For Company Profits

'Better for you' food products drove more than 70 percent of food company sales growth in the last five years, a new analysis says. Although a food activist suggests that the numbers could be a bit misleading.

Facing Planetary Enemy No. 1: Agriculture

A new study looks at whether we can feed the world without destroying the Earth. The answer is yes, but how to make it happen is complicated, and will require big changes in the way we practice agriculture.
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Federal Food Drive Collects 5.7 Million Pound of Food


The Federal Food Drive concluded on Wednesday, with federal employees donating more than three times as much food as in 2010, their biggest success ever.