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Into The Wild Science Of Sourdough Bread-Making

Joe Palca told his sister, a baker in Brooklyn, N.Y., about a way to make sourdough bread using "wild" yeast starter. But she had a problem: It was sourer than she liked. Was there any way to wrestle it back from its acrid extremes?

Intense Aromas Lead To Smaller Bites

People take smaller bites when a food has a strong aroma. That explains why we nibble on unfamiliar foods. But it also might be a way for people to eat less without feeling deprived.

Italian 'Nonnas' Bring Taste Of Home To Staten Island

Enoteca Maria, an Italian restaurant on Staten Island, has no head chef. Instead, the owner brings in Italian grandmas to cook up the regional dishes they learned from their parents and grandparents.

At The Community Garden, It's Community That's The Hard Part

In cities across the country, most community gardens are divided up into individual plots. It means if some of your neighbors start shirking their responsibilities, it's not really your problem. But there are also still a lot of people doing communal-style gardens.

There's More To Fixing Food Deserts Than Building Grocery Stores

A study finds that low-income shoppers care about more than just cost and proximity to fresh produce — they also want choice and quality if they're going to buy it.