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When Ambrosia Salad Spells Dread

Ambrosia salad — the festive dish of green Jell-O, cherries and Cool Whip — was a regular feature on Caitlin Shetterly's husband's family Christmas table. He recently admitted he always thought it was the "grossest looking and tasting thing ever." So of course Shetterly had to check it out.

Disposable Pans Can Cook More Than The Christmas Goose

Burn specialists suggest extra caution when wrestling sizzling meat and drippings from the oven in a disposable aluminum pan. One burn center has seen a spike in grease-related burns around the holidays because of the pans.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Scandinavian Glogg

In snowy Norway, nothing evokes Christmastime like a pot of glogg brewing on the stove. The traditional Scandinavian winter drink mixes wine, spirits and spices like clove, cardamom and cinnamon to make for a brew that smells divine and tastes even better.

Eat It, Drink It, Wear It: Goat Is Good

There's a lot to love about goats. Their meat and milk taste great and are better for you than what many other animals offer. They can restore wildlife habitat by eating invasive shrubs. And there's the lovely mohair from the Angora breed. But owning a pet goat can be quite a challenge for the uninitiated.
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Dispensing Ice Cream And Wisdom (Originally Broadcast 8/05/2011)

A local ice cream truck driver is dishing out frosty treats -- and a bit of advice -- to residents in some of the District's poorest neighborhoods.
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Cherry Picks: Homemade Pop Tarts In Capitol Hill (Originally Broadcast 3/25/2011)

We head to a Capitol Hill restaurant to whip up a gourmet take on a familiar breakfast food: Pop Tarts.
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Healthy Eating And The Roots Of Childhood Obesity (Originally Broadcast 4/29/2011)

The D.C. Public Schools are revamping their menus to bring more fruit and vegetables onto the cafeteria trays of city students.