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Eaters Worldwide Are Skeptical of Manufacturers' Health Claims

People around the globe know they should be exercising more and eating better. But food manufacturers aren't helping, with dubious health claims and confusing nutrition labels. That's the word from a global survey on nutrition information.

Why McDonald's In France Doesn't Feel Like Fast Food

France, the land of haute cuisine, is McDonald's second most profitable market. That's partly because the company has figured out that to win over the French, it must encourage people to take their time while eating.

State Bill Outlaws Use Of Fetuses In Food Industry

An Oklahoma Senate bill that prohibits "the manufacture or sale of food or products which use aborted human fetuses" has some folks scratching their heads, and wondering if it's real.

Not Your Grandmother's Hospital Food

Gone are the days when hospital food all looked the same. Now, some hospitals are hiring full-service chefs to accommodate the refined tastes of moneyed clientele. Others have allowed fast food chains like McDonald's to set up shop in their cafeterias.

Geoengineered Food? Climate Fix Could Boost Crop Yields, But With Risks

Climate simulations show that massive technological interventions, known as "geoengineering," could protect food crops from some of the damaging effects of global warming. But researchers say local effects are hard to predict, so geoengineering may not be worth the risk.

'Cultural Revolution Cookbook': A Taste Of Humanity

A new book combines the memories and culinary skills of one Chinese political dissident who lived through the country's Cultural Revolution. Since food was rationed, Sasha Gong learned to cook with whatever she could find. "There's something about humanity," she says. "It's hard to suppress."