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Recall Reveals An Egg's Long Path To The Deli Sandwich

More than one million eggs have been recalled since late January for possible contamination with listeria. Deli foods like cold cuts and hard-boiled eggs are often kept for weeks before they are used in the refrigerator, where listeria can grow like wildfire.

Wal-Mart Creates Icon For Food Packages To Encourage Healthful Choices

Walmart has introduced an easy way for shoppers to quickly identify healthier foods with a new front-of-package icon. But the announcement raises the question: Can choosing healthful food really be reduced to a simple yes-no decision?
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Virginia Oyster Population Rebounds, Still Far Off Highs

Oyster populations in the Chesapeake Bay are a far cry from what they once were, but recent conservation efforts have made significant impacts.


To Hold The Salt, It's Time To Hold The Bread

A new analysis from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points to the top ten supersalty culprits in our diets. Some on the list, like bread and pasta dishes, may be surprising.

Could Taxes Or Food Stamp Restrictions Tame America's Sweet Tooth?

A tax proposal on the table in Massachusetts could discourage sugar consumption a bit by making sugary foods more expensive. But outside Massachusetts, surveys show that a majority of taxpayers oppose the idea of a "sin tax" on soda and candy.

In Indianapolis, Super Bowl Leftovers Are All Gone (To The Hungry)

The NFL has made reducing food waste one of its environmental priorities for the Super Bowl. This year, a food rescue group in Indianapolis has recovered more than 20,000 pounds of Super Bowl leftovers for needy groups in town.