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Survey Says Apple Pie Rules, But There's Lots Of Room For Variety

Our audience, like the rest of America, loves apple pie — we're traditionalists. But in growing numbers, Americans are branching out to chocolate; key lime and cherry.

Seattle Forager Inspires Others To Learn About Wild, Forgotten Foods

A walk in the woods isn't that different from a walk through the produce section of the supermarket for Langdon Cook, an influential Seattle forager, blogger, and home cook. He's dedicated to rekindling interest in forgotten foods.

Surviving A Food Festival Without Getting A Tummy Ache

With the Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C. this week, and dozens of state fairs and festivals offering free samples of food on the summer horizon, we talked to an expert about how not to leave these events with a stomachache.

Why You Shouldn't Panic About Pesticide In Produce

Consumers get agitated when they see apples, celery and red peppers singled out for containing the most pesticide residue. Scientists say it's not such a big deal because the pesticide levels are extremely low.
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The Farm Bill: What Consumers Should Know

The U.S. Senate debates a bill that touches on everything from sugar to food stamps and may change the way tax dollars support the nation's food production.


Edible Fermentables: Wine, Beer, Cheese, Meat

Fermentation guru Sandor Katz returns to Fresh Air for a lively discussion about cured meats, cheeses — and some fermented beverages (notably wine and beer).