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How Using Antibiotics In Animal Feed Creates Superbugs

Researchers have shown how a bacterium resistant to antibiotic treatment passed from humans to pigs to humans. And now the new resistant human bug appears to be spreading beyond people with direct exposure to livestock.

George Washington's Ice Cream Recipe: First, Cut Ice From River

George Washington had a powerful yen for coffee, according to records at his Mount Vernon home. A new exhibition reveals just how the Washington family cooked and ate.

Swedish Fat Tuesday Delicacy Kept Alive In Portland

Back when refrigeration wasn't up to modern standards, Fat Tuesday was a time to clear the house of rich, indulgent foods. A Swedish church in Portland, Ore., keeps the Swedish version of the baking tradition alive, if not the religious observance.

Dining After 'Downton Abbey': Why British Food Was So Bad For So Long

Dining was a very, very big deal in Edwardian England — and the food, it turns out, was pretty sophisticated. So why was British food derided as boring, tasteless fare for much of the 20th century? Here's the story.

Mo Rocca Learns From The Masters: Grandparents

Every Sunday, Mo Rocca's grandmother made homemade ravioli for the family dinner. He says he deeply regrets not learning her recipes before she passed away. In My Grandmother's Ravioli, Rocca asks other people's grandparents to teach him how to cook.