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For Thanksgiving, Pumpkins That Won't Be Found In Cans

Maryland farmer David Heisler is luring customers to try fresh pumpkin with 38 varieties. They come in orange, but also red, green, yellow, white, speckled, and blue.
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Agreement Between D.C. And Walmart Roils Activists

Walmart now plans to bring six stores to the District of Columbia, but activists are upset that the D.C. government hasn't pressed the retailer to agree to a community benefits package.


The Secret To Foie Gras That Keeps Its Fat Is In The Liver

To find out why some livers retain fat during cooking, scientists analyzed liver proteins in ducks. They found that if you reduce the time you overfeed the ducks, you're get livers that lose less fat during cooking.

A Clothing Company Goes Fishing For Change With Salmon Jerky

Patagonia, maker of expensive ski jackets and fishing vests, will introduce its first snack food product this winter. Their mission? Revolutionize the fishing industry.

Newbie Farmers Find That Dirt Isn't Cheap

Growing vegetables has never, in recent memory, been quite so cool, or so attractive to the young and well-educated. But many aspiring farmers lack hard, cold cash for land and farm equipment, a survey found.

Renoir's Perfect Lunch Is Not About The Food

A curator describes Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party" as a painting of the perfect meal where the food doesn't really matter.