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Advice for Diet Soda Lovers: Skip The Chips

What diet soda drinkers eat may matter more than what they sip when it comes to long-term health effects, according to new research. This may help explain why some people gain weight when drinking lots of diet soda.

What's The Scoop On Bulk Foods?

Shoppers might expect food to be cheaper in the bulk aisle — and a study from Portland State University shows that it usually is, by a long shot. But our survey of D.C. grocery stores came up with more modest figures. What's the real deal?

The Bacon Sundae: Brilliant Or Tragic?

Burger King's new dessert is available at a limited number of locations. It is just the latest example of a fast food chain following a trend that high-end eateries embraced years ago.

Kids Will Have To Cut Serious Calories To Halt Obesity Trend

Children and teens are going to have to cut calories or get a lot more exercise to stop the obesity trend, new research says.

Fishermen Net Gold In Silvery Eels Sold To Asia

A worldwide shortage has made the U.S. the primary source for the baby eels known as elvers. Last year, fishermen saw prices climb to nearly $1,000 a pound, and this year they doubled.