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To Kill Or Not To Kill Horses That Others May Eat?

President Obama has signed a bill to reopen slaughterhouses for horses. While some animal welfare groups say the facilities are inhumane, others say the alternative is no better.

Tomato Pudding: 'Taste It To Believe It'

Listeners have been writing in telling us about their unique holiday food. Heather MacDonald of Mahnattan Beach, Calif., says tomato pudding is straight-up, old-school Midwestern holiday fare.

The Case For Peeking Inside The Slaughterhouse

A group of scientists at the National Research Council says in a new report that the government should routinely release data that it collects in meat-packing plants.

Tainted Nectar? Consumer Group Warns Of Arsenic In Fruit Juice

Dangerous levels of arsenic and lead have been detected in juices found in many supermarkets. Consumers Union is calling for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to set a new standard to protect kids.

Frugal Fine Fare: Tips For Three-Course Meals On Less Than $5

Chef Michel Nischan is no stranger to posh nosh. But last night, he demonstrated how to prepare a flavorful, seasonal three-course meal for just $4.50 a person.