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Crumbs May Soon Dry Up For New York Subway Rats

Eating on the subway is legal in New York City, but a state lawmaker wants to change that. He says banning food could help control the rat population. The city's transit chief isn't keen on the plan, and not all riders like the idea, either.

Is That A Plastic Baby Jesus In My Cake?

It isn't Mardi Gras without a king cake, a sugary confection topped with lurid icing that just screams indulgence. But in recent years the traditional porcelain baby has been elbowed out by a plastic model that you have to hide yourself.

Yes, There's Arsenic In Your Rice. But Is That Bad?

Toddler formula and other organic rice products have surprisingly high amounts of arsenic, according to a new study. But since there's no federal standard for arsenic in food, it's impossible to say how much is OK.

Man Has Heart Attack While Eating At The Heart Attack Grill

Slogans for Las Vegas restaurant the Heart Attack Grill include "Taste worth dying for." But the burger joint's shtick of serving "quadruple bypass" burgers collided with reality Saturday, when a patron suffered a heart attack while eating at the restaurant.

Can A Diet Clean Out Toxins In The Body?

Dietary cleanses that promise immediate detoxification are all the rage this time of year. But experts say the body is naturally quite good at getting rid of most toxins, and doesn't need a lot of help.