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Veteran Journalist Turns Wine Producer

When deciding on a vintage for this year's holiday meal, wine lovers often focus on a specific country or a celebrity vintner. Host Michel Martin speaks with one woman who fits both bills, award-winning journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault. For the last few years, she and her husband have been producing wine from their home base of South Africa.

For Your Holiday Meal, Go For A Cold One

World renowned beer expert Garrett Oliver poses a challenge to wine lovers: Try pairing your holiday feast with beer. Host Michel Martin speaks with Oliver, brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery in New York, about the resurgence of craft beer in the U.S. Plus, in a special beer tasting she gets suggestions for the holiday menu.

Savoring The Tradition Of Holiday Sauerkraut

Every family seems to have a holiday food tradition. Occasionally, it's a dish unusual enough to make guests at the table recoil in disgust. That's the first response reporter Julie Rose gets when she tells people she can't wait to eat sauerkraut — a nod to her Czech heritage — with her turkey.

How The Army Made A Sandwich That Stays Fresh For Two Years

Army food scientists have figured out how to control pH, moisture, and oxygen inside the packaging of a pocket sandwich so that it can last for up to two years.

Putting Farmland On A Fertilizer Diet

With the release of a new standard, the federal government wants farmers to stop the spread of nutrients outside farm fields into waterways. Essentially, it involves putting farmland on a sensible diet.

Norway Braces For A Christmas Without Butter

The cause of the butter blackout on the eve of the year's biggest baking holiday isn't entirely clear. But some Norwegians say the country's biggest dairy cooperative didn't import butter even when it became clear it might run out.