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This Is The World's Most Expensive Whisky

Earlier this year, a bottle of 1955 Glenfiddich sold for a record price. What makes a bottle of scotch whisky worth $94,000? If only we could all live so long to know.

At Hanukkah, Pastry Reminds Portland Jews Of Their Mediterranean Roots

The cheese-and-spinach-filled food called a boyo was once served on the Shabbat tables of Jews who lived in the Ottoman Empire. Today, the Turkish-style pastries are mostly reserved for the holidays.
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An Oyster Renaissance On The Chesapeake

We talk with one of the bay's oyster farms, a chef and people working to restore the Chesapeake's oyster population, and learn about why they play such crucial role for the overall health of the bay.


What Do You Eat On Christmas Day?

Melissa Block and Audie Cornish ask listeners to share stories about what they eat on Christmas Day, even if they don't celebrate the holiday. We'll pick a few and share them on the holiday. You can submit your favorites here, just put "Christmas food" in the subject line..

When It Comes To Boxed Wine, The Cooler, The Better

From swill of the wine world to hipster fame, boxed wine is growing in popularity. But research suggests that its major impediment is temperature. When stored in the heat, the box ages faster than the bottle, scientists say.