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Wassail: ISO A Snowflake Of Drink

From caroling to consumption, wassail is an old English tradition for the holiday season. A favorite of Charles Dickens and the subject of many carols, wassail is actually synonymous with drinking "to your health." But figuring out exactly what you are drinking is another matter.

To Party Like Rock Stars, They Suggest Buying Their Booze

This year saw musicians, athletes and actors launching their own lines of beer, wine and mescal. The list includes the boy band Hanson, which premiered an India pale ale called MMMHop.

Why Are We More Hungry In The Winter?

When winter arrives, many of us want to eat more. Some experts say it's a vestige of biology: the drive to hoard calories like chipmunks. Others say it's because we have more opportunities to eat — parties, holiday gatherings and other events of the season.

Coquito: A Tropical Twist On The Holiday Classic

As New York prepares for the annual Coquito Masters tasting contest, see what the fuss is about. This version of eggnog includes a delicious addition: a dollop of coconut.