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Kenya's Answer To Barbecue Is Part Celebration, Part Test Of Manhood

Nyama choma — grilled meat — is Kenya's answer to barbecue. It's usually goat and always signals a celebration. Grooms-to-be have to slice it properly in front of wedding guests to prove their manhood.
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Lobster: A Summer Tale

For many Americans, a lobster roll is a quintessential taste of summer. We consider the popular appeal of crustaceans and the effect of this season's glut of lobsters in the Northeast.


How A Biofuel Dream Called Jatropha Came Crashing Down

People thought the hardy Jatropha tree was the answer to the food v. fuel debate, until it wasn't. Financial hard times and a misunderstanding revealed this biofuel to be like all the rest — in need of good food and water.
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Honest Tea Co-Founder Speaks On NYC Drink Ban

Bethesda-based beverage company Honest Tea is taking issue with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to ban sugary beverages larger than 16 oz, noting that the change in one major market can have major repercussions.


White House Dinner Rewards Kids Who Eat (And Cook) Their Veggies

Kale and quinoa, anyone? Some kids and parents who created recipes for a healthy eating contest were honored at the first Kids State Dinner today hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and her Let's Move campaign partners.

How Much Does A Hamburger Cost? That Depends

There are many informational graphics demonstrating the environmental impact of beef consumption. But a lot of the numbers just don't match up. As it turns out, calculating what goes into (and comes out of) a cow is not an exact science.