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MicroGreens Program Looks To Expand Healthy Eating For Kids

In early October, D.C.-based chef Alli Sosna set out to change the way middle schoolers think about food. We follow up with Chef Sosna now that her program, MicroGreens, is ending its pilot run.


The Paradox And Mystery Of Our Taste For Salt

Many health experts say we should eat less salt, but that's not easy. Salt is added to almost everything that we cook or bake. Are we born with a taste for that much salt, or do we just like what we've always eaten? Scientists say it's some of both.

'Unitaskers' And Other Foodie Gifts We Don't Need

How do you resist foodie trinkets that look and sound so whimsical and delicious? Here's our guide to spotting the most useless stuff that your relatives will thank you for not buying them this year.

Mealworms Score Better Than Meat For The Environment

Dutch researchers have made a scientific case for the environmental benefits of insect proteins in a new study. When it came to land use and effect on greenhouse gases, the mealworms scored better than dairy, pork, chicken and beef.

Peak Farmland? Some Researchers Say It's Here

A new study conflicts with predictions by the United Nations on how much land farmers will require to feed humanity in 2050. The starkly different visions of the future come down to a few key assumptions about supply and demand for food.

Our Pancakes Are Saved! Charges Filed In Canadian Maple Syrup Heist

Millions of dollars worth of stolen maple syrup was recovered and three men suspected of the theft were expected in court on Tuesday.