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At The Great American Beer Festival, Big Tastes Come In Small Packages

At the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, 2,700 different beers were served up by some of the best breweries in the United States. For the event's 49,000 attendees, the festival is a chance to try new and unique beers; for the brewers, it's a way to make a name for themselves.
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"Skirt Steak:" The Landscape For Female Chefs

What the kitchen looks like to female chefs who've broken down barriers and aspiring cooks who want to follow in their footsteps.


Kelp For Farmers: Seaweed Becomes A New Crop In America

Seaweed farms off the coast of Connecticut may provide financial relief for farmers and environmental benefits for the ocean, not to mention tasty inspiration for chefs. The plant is used in many products from biofuels to cosmetics. But the big question is: Will Americans eat the stuff?

Making 'The Science Of Good Cooking' Look Easy

Forget the room-temperature eggs and the tenderizing meat with a marinade, America's Test Kitchen host Chris Kimball tells Morning Edition. A little bit of science goes a long way in the kitchen, he says.