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Once And Future Nut: How Genetic Engineering May Bring Back Chestnuts

The American chestnut is poised to return — as a bionic, blight-resistant tree. Scientists hope to plant about 10,000 transgenic plantlets to pollinate trees in the "wild."

Chocolate, Chocolate, It's Good For Your Heart, Study Finds

Regular chocolate eaters had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke compared to people who didn't eat chocolate. The researchers say it's more evidence that polyphenols may be protective.

In Search Of Edible Weeds: Adventures In Urban Foraging By App

An expert forager has a video and an app for finding weeds to make the ultimate locally grown salad. But even a master foraging app might not lead an amateur to success.
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How DC Water Is Trying To Turn Sewage Into Fertilizer For Your Food

Can the stuff we flush be re-used as fertilizer? Some say yes; others argue the risks aren't worth the benefit.


Appetite For War: What Napoleon And His Men Ate On The March

Napoleon is credited with the phrase "an army marches on its stomach," but he probably never said it. Now 200 years after his legendary defeat, it's worth recalling his disregard for feeding his army.

Washington Berry Pickers Push For Elusive Union Contract

Only about 2 percent of farm workers in the county are part of a union, and few have successfully negotiated contracts with farms. Workers at the Sakuma Brothers Farm are trying for both.

To Tackle Food Waste, Big Grocery Chain Will Sell Produce Rejects

If fruits and vegetables don't measure up to cosmetic standards, they're often plowed under in the field. One company wants to help change that by creating a market for less-than-perfect produce.
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Longer Hours For Montgomery County Food Trucks? Student Study Suggests It

Tasked with expanding the food truck business in Montgomery County, a Wheaton High School's Innovation Lab touched on a policy solution: let the trucks keep open later.


FDA To Food Companies: This Time, Zero Means Zero Trans Fats

The agency is giving food companies a hard deadline to stop using trans fats in processed foods. It has determined that partially hydrogenated oils are not "generally recognized as safe" for food.

Why Scream For Gelato Instead Of Ice Cream? Here's The Scoop

Ice cream's velvety Italian cousin is becoming one of America's favorite frozen desserts. It has less fat, but somehow tastes creamier and holds flavors better. So what's gelato's secret?