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D.C. Dives: The Forest Inn Survives Change In Arlington

In our monthly look at the local dive bar scene, Jerad Walker visits The Forest Inn in Arlington's Westover neighborhood.


Fad Diets Will Seem Even Crazier After You See This

Fad diets seem that much more absurd when you can visualize exactly what they require you to eat. A photo series helps reinforce what medical researchers are saying: that the best diet is the one you actually stick with.

Fixing Stove Hoods To Keep Pollution Out Of The Kitchen

Range hoods are designed to capture the pollutants from your stove, but many models are not effective and it's hard for consumers to know how good a hood is. But researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab are developing a new standardized test that manufacturers can use to rate their range hoods.

A Farm-To-Table Delicacy From Spain: Roasted Baby Pig

Cochinillo asado has appeared in literature throughout history, from Cervantes to Hemingway. The prized piglets featured in the dish are slaughtered after about a month, when they still weigh less than 10 pounds.

A Greener Way To Cool Your Foods On The Way To The Grocery Store

Most of the trucks that haul your fruits, vegetables and frozen foods to the store are currently cooled by diesel engines, not the cleanest of technologies. But researchers are working on a cooling system based on fuel cells to keep your food cool while it travels.

Tailgaters Rejoice! This Cooler Keeps Beers Cold Without Ice

Just in time for the return of football season comes the Case Coolie, an innovation that aims to put an end to packing and hauling a cooler around. "It's a waste of electricity to freeze the ice and a waste of water," says product co-founder Nick Niehaus.

Small Farmers In New England Fear New Food Safety Rules

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration issued two proposed food safety rules to prevent tainted food from entering the food supply. While many large growers support the proposed regulations, small farmers say the cost of complying with them would stifle their ability to grow.

Now A Test Can Tell If Your Pricey Cup Of Cat Poop Coffee Is Fake

The world's most expensive coffee can cost $600 a pound, and it comes from — there's no delicate way to put it — civet poop. But how do you know if what you're shelling out for is the real deal? Chemists have come up with the world's first cat poop coffee test.

Thai Fishing Sector, Among World's Largest, Cited For Abuses

A report from the International Labor Organization details "deceptive and coercive" labor practices — and even forced labor within the industry. The allegations aren't new, but increase pressure on the Thai government to better regulate the $7 billion industry.

New York's Dairy Farmers Squeezed By Greek Yogurt Boom

The state's yogurt production has tripled since 2008, thanks to Greek yogurt's popularity. But the fixed price for milk means farmers aren't necessarily benefiting from the boom.