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And The Winning Taste Of Summer Is ...

After careful consideration, gnashing of teeth and cleansing of palates, we have a winner in the Found Recipes Taste of Summer contest. Listeners wrote in, and NPR staff sampled recipes from the three finalists.
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Too Few Cooks In The Kitchen: Local Restaurants Face Labor Shortage

Kojo asks experts why many local restaurant owners can't find enough qualified staff to run their kitchens and serve their diners.


If It Crawls, It's Canned: Eating In The Alaskan Wilderness

On Alaska's Prince of Wales Island, where a latte costs $6 and a fresh watermelon runs $15, canning is a survival skill. Locals aren't shy about preserving the fat of the land — from salmon to seals to bears and some vegetarian treats, too — in a jar.

Palm Oil In The Food Supply: What You Should Know

Health concerns surrounding trans fats led many food manufacturers to abandon partially hydrogenated oils. Palm oil has helped fill the void. But guess what? It's high in saturated fat.

What's The 'Best Daym Takeout' In America?

Food critic and YouTube sensation Daymon 'Daym' Patterson travels the country to find the best takeout spots. He eats in the front seat of his car - when the food is hottest and freshest. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with him about his new Travel channel show Best Daym Takeout.

Catch Of The Day, Grilled The Turkish Way

The fishermen are out in all weather in Turkey's Bosphorus Strait. So there's no question that the fish is fresh, as area chefs carry on the tradition of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Ottomans in putting fish to the fire.

The FDA Doesn't Want Chickens To Explore The Great Outdoors

The FDA's new proposal aims to reduce the risk that chickens will pick up salmonella from wildlife and lay contaminated eggs. But the proposal could make it much harder for organic farmers who believe in keeping their free-range birds on true pastures.

Taste Of Summer Finalist: Diane's Dad's Sandwich

Marti Olesen's favorite summer recipe is plucked straight from the garden — and the faster it gets to your plate, the better. The key to Diane's Dad's Summer Sandwich is in its layering and secret ingredient: chunky peanut butter.

Chow Down In Sync With Your Circadian Clock

When the timing of meals doesn't match well with sleep-wake cycles, that can set your body's circadian rhythms out of sync, which in turn can throw off the body's ability to process food, resulting in extra energy stored as fat.

NYC Doctors Are Now Prescribing Fruits And Veggies

Under a program at two New York City hospitals, doctors are prescribing fresh produce to obese or overweight patients. It's part of an effort to connect low-income patients with healthful foods at local farmers markets.