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Industrial Meat Bad, Small Farm Good? It's Not So Simple

When it comes to making livestock agriculture more sustainable, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. That's the conclusion of a study of livestock around the world.

Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

Across the country, a new model of housing development is springing up that embraces the local food movement. Farms — complete with livestock, vegetables and fruit trees — are now serving as the latest suburban amenity.

In Florida, A Turf War Blooms Over Front-Yard Vegetable Gardening

A woman in Miami Shores, Fla., is suing her town after it forced her to remove vegetables from the garden in her front yard, which she had tended for 17 years. She's being backed by a a national public interest law firm, but the town says it's a long-standing zoning ordinance that won't be overturned.

Sandwich Monday: The Grinch Sandwich

For this week's Sandwich Monday, a holiday treat. We re-create the sandwich referenced in "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch": sauerkraut, toadstools, and (substitute) arsenic sauce.
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Cookbooks: 2013 Year In Review

We review some of the standout cookbooks published in 2013 with Washington Post recipe editor Bonnie Benwick.


When Craft Beer Goes Global: A Kansas City Brewery's Tale

Boulevard Brewing has become a Kansas City staple since its founding in the 1980s. It has many loyal local fans — and soon, a new international owner, Duvel. The deal says a lot about how the world now values a product made with a firm sense of place.

Battle Of The Bottom Feeder: U.S., Vietnam In Catfish Fight

When the popularity of catfish moved from the South across the U.S. in the 1980s, American catfish farmers could barely keep up with demand. But Vietnam has flooded the U.S. market with cheaper catfish, driving many catfish farms out of business and sparking a dispute that threatens a major trade deal.

Sriracha: First, The Crisis. Now, The Movie

Can't get enough of that extraordinarily popular hot sauce? Now you can eat it up with your eyes. A new 33-minute documentary traces the rise of Sriracha and the man behind the condiment phenomenon.

Call the FBI! China Is Trying To Steal America's Seeds!

In two apparently unrelated cases this week, federal prosecutors arrested citizens of China and charged them with stealing seeds that American companies consider valuable intellectual property. Court documents offer an entertaining mixture of Midwestern farming, alleged corporate espionage and a whiff of international intrigue.

How Plastic In The Ocean Is Contaminating Your Seafood

Fish can absorb toxic chemicals that have been dumped into waterways, but they can also get them from eating plastic. And there's a lot of plastic in the open ocean, which scientists say can act like a sponge, soaking up the chemicals already out there.