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Meatless Monday Movement Gets More Veggies On The Menu

In 2003, one of the original Mad Men began working with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health to encourage people to go meatless one day of the week. In 10 years, the campaign can now point to hundreds of schools and restaurants that promote a vegetarian option on their Monday menus.

Chocolate Fashions Make For A Truly Sweet Little Black Dress

Chocoholics, take note: Fashion designers are crafting dresses — and purses, hats, even bikinis — to drool for. But don't expect to find these edible outfits on a ready-to-wear rack: They're really just high-concept eye candy for now, part of the world's largest chocolate fair open to the public.

Kansas Farmers Commit To Taking Less Water From The Ground

Water from the Ogallala Aquifer is withdrawn about six times faster than rain or rivers can recharge it. Now, a group of farmers in one part of northwestern Kansas has agreed to pump 20 percent less water out of the aquifer over the next five years.

Sandwich Monday: The Two Bagger

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the Two Bagger from Lucky's Sandwich Co. in Chicago. Weirdly, it was delivered in just one bag.

Ranchers Wonder If U.S. Sheep Industry Has Bottomed Out

Over the last 20 years, the number of sheep in the U.S. has been cut in half. Today, the domestic sheep herd is one-tenth the size it was during World War II. Consumers are eating less lamb and wearing less wool these days. Those trends have left ranchers to wonder: When are we going to hit bottom?

Unleashed On Halloween, Monster Cereals Haunt Hoarders

Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry first went on sale in the early 1970s, but since 2010, they've only been available during the Halloween season. The scarcity has created a frenzy, with nostalgic parents stocking up on the sweet cereals.

Comedian Faces His Addictions To Food And Alcohol

In a single week, Jamie Kilstein realized he was both an alcoholic and a food addict. Since then, he has been working through his addictions on his own.

A Fight Over Vineyards Pits Redwoods Against Red Wine

Environmental groups in Northern California are suing to stop a winery from leveling 154 acres of coast redwoods and Douglas firs to make way for grapevines. As climate change heats up California's interior valley, the wine industry is creeping toward the coast, where majestic redwoods grow.
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The White Stuff: Are Oreos As Addictive As Cocaine?

With a new study comparing the addictive quality of Oreos to cocaine, Kojo looks at the science behind food addiction.


Scratch 'N' Sniff Your Way To Wine Expertise ... Or At Least More Fun

Wine is a grocery, not a luxury. That's the premise behind a fun, new wine guide filled with charming illustrations and scratch 'n' sniffs. But don't let the playfulness fool you. There's some serious science in the book, which covers the full gamut of tasting with humor and a refreshing simplicity.